January 24, 2012

Let the circle be unbroken

Look at this photo.  GRIM FACES.

"Uh...we had to make a change...uhhhh...Randy'll take this team and derp de derpy doooo."

A quick summary of the recent performance of the Washington Bullets.  (Yeah, when I wanted to get this photo, that's what I entered into Google...it took me to their page, but we can dream)

  • After a year off, Flip is coach of the team, and each year gets worse for a myriad of reasons
  • The "Whiz" start this season at the bottom of the barrel
  • Randy Wittman will coach the rest of the season
I'm not writing this post for any kind of analysis beyond the thought that Randy Wittman himself will make the team good.  Making the playoffs isn't a good yardstick in the East, since you can be .439 and grab that 8 seed.  Still, I challenge the Bull-er, Whiz to prove me wrong.  Anytime you have a chance to get a coach with a .326 winning percentage, you have to make that move.

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Drew Boatman said...

First of all, it's great that we have that "Randy Witless" tag all ready to go for situations like these.

Second, there has never been a doubt in my mind that I - someone who has not coached organized basketball since I coached the Menomonie Joseph to a runner-up performance in the 1993 3-on-3 tournament - could perform better as an NBA coach than Randy Wittless.

Third, isn't it awesome how many losers hang around in professional sports? Despite every single fan knowing the person is just utter trash at their job, these guys just keep appearing on the benches of awful teams. Dwane Casey? He's still a head coach! Dan Monson? Still gettin' bunnies! Even Sidney Lowe... He hasn't been unemployed for more than a year in his life! How is that possible?