February 8, 2012

We go to club now, OK.

 Hey guys we are playing great games now and is time to celebrate!!!  Who wants to meet ladies at club?
(stirring pot of beef and barley)
 Nikola!  Yes, my good friend Nikola Peki, you must want to comes to club and dance with many ladies, yeah?!
(lights cigarette, ashes into boiling pot)
 I make a pass to you so many times tonight, I think you must be Miss USA contestant!
(dials cell phone)  Ya.  Ya.  NO!  (pause)  Leave him to me.  I know ways to make lies turn to truths.
 I get dressed in my best clothes and we head out to club, eh Nicky?
(muttering)  I must make stew for my brothers.  They very hungry, and no stew for the winter.
 Hey, it's OK!  Let's maybe go to the club tomorrow, hey?  (pause)  Why are there fingers in your stew, Nikola?