May 30, 2008

No Owner, you're wrong . . . again

Honestly, I don't care about Sid, but when you see Owner being quoted you have to read. Am I happy I did.

On 3/19 Owner was quoted saying this:

"I don't like that so much," Taylor said Tuesday of the suggestion the Wolves tanked at the end of last season, which ended on a seven-game losing streak. "It was more like, I'd say, KG tanked it."

KG responded with this:

"I'm in Boston,'' Garnett said on TNT, holding up the Celtics logo on his jersey after Boston ended Houston's 22-game winning streak 94-74 Tuesday night. "I [couldn't] care less what Glen Taylor thinks of Kevin Garnett. .... That's nonsense. I don't even know why he'd bring that up, but it shows the taste of some people.''

OK, fast forward to today's column:

"Well, not quite like that. I'm just saying my intent is always to get a championship, but it doesn't bother me to watch these games," Taylor said. "I still consider Flip a friend and KG a friend. So, to me, I enjoy just the competition. But I'm not envious or anything like that -- I enjoy watching them. They're just both in different environments now, and I wish them well."

I am sure KG will call you first if he gets by DEtroit and Kobe, Owner. Actually, he will call McFail and thank him for the trade.

Did we mess up the draft, yet?

Don't forget to pick your "European" second rounder.

A. Mazing.

May 29, 2008

Bos/Det. Game 6

Detroit will win. Probably because they are better. You know what is going to happen though. Time running out, Boston down by 1, Pierce takes it to the hoop . . . no foul. Game 7 happens. Hooray, more revenue.

May 27, 2008

Double Whaaaaa?!

"Joey Crawford, one of the best referees in the league."
--Marv Albert

Oldest, sure.
IRS investigation for falsifying income, check
4 technical fouls given out in the first ten minutes of a game, check

"I am satisfied that Joey understands the standards of game management and professionalism the NBA expects from him and that he will be able to conduct himself in accordance with those standards"

That quote, from one D. Stern, explains everything you need to know on the NBA and how it views its own refs...the exact opposite of the rest of the world.

Must the announcers say shit like that to make sure the league doesn't send terse memos to the networks? Yes, ignore the fact this man just called a foul that no one can figure out why or explain, AGAIN...he's "one of the best" so we'll just have to trust him. Phil is right - the "guys with the whistles" have more control over who wins and fails than anything else.

Fuck off.


"power forward Jason Maxiell, a long-armed glass-basher so aggressive that you can buy T-shirts that read "Jason Maxiell Eats Babies" on the Internet."


May 21, 2008

Who cares about the 1st round pick

It is the second round that is interesting. From a few posts back, we know the Woofies will take a European player. It is just a matter who. I found this link and we should all put in 5 dollars. Do your research and pick a player.

Go Team.

May 20, 2008


I don't need to go into exact reasons as to why it makes perfect sense for the Failure Wolves to draft Failure Mayo, and so luckily, McFail is already wayyyyyyy ahead of me.

Oh please take Mayo and some European in the second round. Please cock this franchise up more. Please ride yourself out of town on that rail of incompetence you rode in on.

May 18, 2008

I don't know if I want to watch these playoffs anymore

I would make a comment about the officiating in Game 7, but I'll just say Bennett Salvatore, and leave it at that.

May 13, 2008

The Torch Has Been Passed

Kevin Harlan just co-opted his best description of a dunk to the new kid. And he was absolutely correct.

If he busts out "He's got mad cow's disease!", I'm giving up.

May 10, 2008

I wish this was a Sportsline poll

I don't know that I can adequately put into words just how horrible the officiating is in the NBA playoffs. I seriously can't believe it. I remember thinking a few years ago that it couldn't have possibly gotten worse - thinking back to the Kings in 2002. But now, it's gone to a new level. The home team gets such an amazing amount of calls, and there are just no fouls called against them, ever. I've seen it in every single game that I've watched this year. The only game where it wasn't impacting the outcome was the Lakers in Denver. But that's just because they're that much better.

Cleveland is going to win this game. Utah will go back to LA tied 2-2. Orlando lost today, but only by a hair. The fix is in. Get those wallets ready.

May 8, 2008

Guys, I need to get the memo

So, I am watching the Celtics here in Game 2 vs. the Cavs. Something named Joe Smith checked into the game. What? Is that possible? This here NBA is crazy.

Anybody else I should know about in the league? Scott Roth? Gerald Glass?

May 6, 2008

Denver Nuggets Culture

I could try to express what I think about how terrible the atmosphere in Denver is, but this picture lays it out so much better than I ever could.

May 3, 2008


So Boston.



How's it going guys?

I'm addressing this to Boston.

The Boston basketball team.


May 2, 2008

Just One Quick Thing....

Apparently Utah fans are wearing diapers and McGrady jerseys.

That's fantastic.


May 1, 2008

Werewolf Bar Mitzvah - Spooky Scary

We're neck-deep into the grand spectacle that is the NBA playoffs, and I have seen a few things that need attention. I don't know where I get off in writing this stuff, seeing as I'm more concerned in getting that Nova off the blocks in my front yard, but let's take a stab.

(it's going to be mostly Ice Cube lyrics... like always)

1. "Now clearin' em out meant casualties / Still had the LA mentality"

Goodbye you drunk-driving, delinquent fuck! You moody, mouthy, overpaid, overrated scorer! This is what happens when everyone on your team hates their teammates. This is what happens when your coach not only doesn't believe in team chemistry, but openly praises animosity between players. This is what happens when you acquire a shoot-first point guard to go with a shoot-first point forward. And mostly, this is what happens when you play in Denver.

Man, ever since Francisco Elson and Marcus Camby opened their mouths while getting whitewashed by the Wolves in 04, I haven't been able to stop hating the Nuggets. They could play the Boston Red Sox in a 7 game series, and I would be up front with Big B on my hat. Luckily, every year I get to see them disappear.

On the other side of that coin is the Lakers, a legitimate team in this year's hunt for the crown. I will stop right here and explain that anybody who claims that the Spurs, Lakers, Celtics, Hornets or Jazz have any better chance than the rest of them to win the title doesn't really know what they're talking about. It's literally a crapshoot this year, and it's going to be entertaining as hell to watch. But if you ask me who is coming out of the west, my money stays in my pocket.

2. "Fresh outta school cause I was a high school grad, gotsta get a job cause I was a high school dad."

As if this could go to anyone but LeBron.

When he has the ball, good things happen. I think he can jump 6 feet in the air. His team is so utterly garbage around him though. Seriously, look at that roster: Ben Wallace? Joe Smith? Wally World? What, Cherokee Parks had a no-trade clause? Marc Jackson wouldn't sign for the midlevel? Will Avery failed a physical? Jesus.

I don't know much about Cleveland, except that Washington and them don't get along, so I find it funny that they meet every year in the playoffs... to put on my Simmons hat for a moment here, I'm really digging the "new" rivalries that are being established in the NBA these days, it reminds me of the old times when the Bulls hated the Knicks, the Lakers hated the Celtics, and the Pistons hated everyone. Now we've got CLE/WAS, PHO/SAS, and of course don't forget about New York and New Jersey, two teams fighting to prove who is the most pathetically run.

Can Cleveland beat Boston? Christ, it's the east. Stranger things have happened.

Speaking of...

3. "Hey! Yeah you, motherfucker, you know who I'm talkin to. Yeah, you that motherfucker that betrayed your homeboys and you ain't shit. Yeah, you 'bout to get your motherfuckin ghetto pass revoked, motherfucker."

To KG.

Look, I won't say much, but I'm pretty sure that I would characterize this stage of our break-up as the "anger" portion. I'm to the point now where seeing his intensity just makes me queasy, and the energy from the fake fans and the Johnny-Come-Latelys (which we should really just rename "Boston Basketball Fans") and all the adulation is fucking tiresome. I see holes in his game like I used to see here, I hear the same criticisms, and now I just want to be shut of it. Why oh why couldn't they have just traded him to Milwaukee? Just dump him in some trash market with no exposure. Just go away, KG, seriously. I'm so fucking over it.

Now then, Boston...

The fact that they lost two games to an Atlanta team that was THIRTY SEVEN AND FORTY FIVE during the regular season speaks in airliner-level decibels to the fact that they have the poorest coach of teams considered to have a chance at winning the championship. You think Flip doesn't want these guys when Detroit is in one of their "we care now" cycles? You think Popp is going to dictate the pace AND tempo of the entire series, should they make it that far? And Phil? Oh my dear god. We would not have seen such a disparity in coaching since that one time Mike Tice went up against Bill Parcells. Seriously, there's nothing I'm waiting for more than the Celtics to run up against a properly coached team that actually has talent. That's all I'm saying.

And I know that I'm a pompous fuck for wishing them harm and saying all that stuff about KG. But that's what's happening right now. I'm sorry.

4. "God damn! The bigger the cap, the bigger the peeling. And when dealing with the Lench Mob, you gots to know that Steady Mobbin is not just the name of this jam, but a way of life. Bound together by motherfuckers that's known to break em off somethin, give it to me..."

We don't have a Ghetto State in this year's playoffs, but we do have ghetto, and they're repping ATL. Does Joe Johnson care? Zaza, do you think you could fight KG and win? (closed circuit to Zaza: YOU COULD. KG is notoriously soft when it comes to fights... see Peeler, Anthony) Al Horford, do you sometimes dunk and then scream at the other team the whole way down the floor? Oh, and did anybody tell you that you LOST 8 MORE GAMES THAN YOU WON THIS SEASON?

No? Cool.

The series is over (again, unless Doc gets in the way), but it was fun to watch. I love ghetto ball.


Well, that about does it. The second round should be one of the hottest in recent memory. Out west, you'll have nothing but contenders (assuming Houston pulls a Houston) and in the east, you'll at least have less games to watch. I'm looking forward to watching this one as a fan (read: NOT BETTING). Enjoy.