March 19, 2012

The Slow Fade of Georgetown

Think back to the 2007 tournament.  It was all coming together for Georgetown.  The son of their classic coach was in charge.  Hell, the son of one of their most famous players was the 6th man on the team.  They made the Final Four.  Despite that being the end of the road, there was no reason to think that Georgetown was back as a top college basketball team.  John Thompson III was a happy man!

Since then?  Well, every year Georgetown starts out with high hopes...and sometimes even enters the tournament with high hopes...only to see their shorts soiled.

2007/08, Big East Champs: A #2 seed, lose to Davidson in the 2nd round
2008/09: Fail to make the NCAA's, loses first game in NIT
2009/10: A #3 seed (with a very average record), get their shit rocked by Ohio in the 1st round
2010/11: A #6 seed (still average), get their shit rocked by VCU in the 1st round
2001/12: A #3 seed (pretty good team), win first game, then lose to #11 seed N.C. State

Amazing for a team that gets as much talk as they do, and over the last half-decade they don't have much to show for it beyond failure.  The Washington Post's summary of the events include this nugget from Jason Clark:

“We weren’t picked to do anything at the beginning of the season,” said Clark, who scored 10 points on 3-for-11 shooting. “Everybody doubted us. . ."

Holy Shit...Jason, you're leaving the school, but let me give you a quick geography lesson.  As long as there are more hot wings-fed sportswriters on the east coast than anywhere else, all Georgetown would have to do is beat Seton Hall and Providence at home, and boom!  In the top 25.  John, kind of a streak going on does it...oops.


March 13, 2012

Oh, you're depressed about the Wolves? Well, Ricky's not....

Ricky, you sand-bagging, happy-go-lucky son of a gun-ya.  Tweeting pictures of yourself riding a stationary bike two days after tearing a knee ligament... It brightens my day.

He'll be back.  And he'll smile.

P.S.  Can we ever tell if Rubio just woke up, or is the hair literally always like that?

P.P.S.  The Hot Glove recently shut down after 2 years, which bums me out completely, so I've decided to add these post-scripts in its memory.



P.P.P.P.S.  Framed Wally jersey on the wall?  GROSS.

March 10, 2012

We can't have nice things here


March 7, 2012

Hey KJ, you pumped, or?

And, 2:08, is Gavin thanking Isiah Thomas? Is that what he said? Holy hell, what is going on here?

I know one thing and one thing only about this entire situation... KJ and Tom Chambers made the Suns INFINITELY more dominant in Lakers vs. Celtics than they were in real life.

March 1, 2012

Just a few Rashad McCants videos, no big deal

If you can make it through 15 seconds of each of these videos, you have more patience than me.

This is so awesome. It's like Troy Hudson, only he's actually doing videos for the songs. And the budget is LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW.

We're going to make it after all!

We're moving up in the world!

Now, instead of a can of wax beans ("You know, I've been buying the generic brand and pulling the labels off.... you can't hardly tell the difference"), you have to purchase a BAG of coffee and a BOTTLE of juice in order to obtain tickets to Timberwolves games.

Pretty soon, you'll only be able to get them for money!