June 29, 2009

I Second That Motion!

There is a bit of repeated sentiment of the last post in this post, but so be it...

David Kahn has successfully completed his first NBA Draft for the Wolves and it sort of comes as a mixed bag. He didn’t do what the Vikings like to do and miss his pick, but the picks he did make left most people scratching their heads. Taking Ricky Rubio at 5 was a no brainer, even if he doesn’t ever wear a Wolves uniform. He was the guy they had targeted, the second best talent in the draft, and he plays a position we have a dire need to fill. I’ll be really sad if we don’t get to see him in a Wolves uniform, but I won’t necessarily hold the team responsible for that – they did what they had to do. But more on that later…

Flynn at 6 is a bit more confusing. At first, when they made this pick, I was sure they were going to make a deal - Sacramento-for-Evans was tops on my list of possibilities. But it didn’t happen, which was a bit disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, I like Jonny Flynn and I think he’ll make an excellent pro, but it just doesn’t make sense to take him after selecting Rubio. Talk about sending mixed messages to fans, not to mention what that might’ve said to Rubio. But, Flynn is talented, so I’ll let it slide.

Lawson at 18 was a nice pick, even if he was another point guard, and they turned him into a probably lottery pick next year.

I am not a huge fan of Wayne Ellington, but at #28, I think he’s a great value pick. He’s like Rashad McCants, minus all the headaches. Oh, and he’s 6’5” – really 6’5”. Unless there are other moves coming, he very well could be our opening night starting 2-guard.

I’m sad they traded Nick Calathes, I really think he is going to be a player in the NBA in a couple years. He’s Mike Miller 2.0 – in a good way. He’s already got a contract in Greece, so you don’t even have to pay him while he develops his game overseas.

I only sort of understand the Henk pick – he’s Rubio’s teammate. To be fair, there was nothing useful available at #47, but I would’ve liked to have seen them try to package their two second-round picks, and move up. Sam Young, DeJuan Blair, Chase Budinger, and Jodie Meeks were on my second-round wish list.

Overall, I think that the Wolves did a solid job in the draft, as far as drafting talent and setting up future assets. Fans and experts are all confused right now but, that’s why we’re not general managers, so we’ll just have to see what eventually unfolds here.

On to a more pressing issue…

What Will Come of Ricky Rubio?

This is a question that is complex, confusing, infuriating, worrisome, and all together unanswerable at the moment. Most feel like he’ll never see the inside of a Wolves jersey, and the arguments are understandable. Moving countries at 18 years old is a huge change. Hell, moving 5 hours south to Iowa for four years felt like a massive life change at 18. I can’t even imagine what switching continents would be like. Minneapolis isn’t as glamorous as New York, Los Angeles, or even Chicago. We’re a liberal “little” community, but we don’t have the Spanish influence that a bigger, more diverse, city might be able to offer young Ricky and his family. Plus, it’s cold here and, even though I think it’s a weak argument used as an excuse in place of a real reason, it’s definitely a concern. So it makes sense why he might not want to play here – or rather thinks he doesn’t want to play here.

I’ve been pretty high on Rubio for quite some time, so I’m comfortable waiting a year or two while he finishes playing out his contract in Spain – he’s not going to get any worse in the next two years. What I don’t want to happen is for him to become the next Fredric Weis – yes, the guy who Vince Carter did this to. He was a lottery pick who told the NBA team to bite it and never came over to the U.S. to play basketball. I don’t believe Rubio would do it. He wants to play in the NBA too badly to skip out on the Wolves, thus forfeiting his chance to play in the NBA. But it is a possibility, one that worries me a bit.

“But Dave, he could just say he doesn’t want to play here and demand a trade.”

That’s true. He could do that. I don’t think he’ll publicly do that, but it’s certainly a possibility – probably the most likely of them all. So what could we get for him? Quite a bit I think, from the right buyer at least. Sacramento passed on drafting him at #4, but on the same day, they made a trade to get Sergio Rodriguez, his back court mate on the Spanish National team. And who in their right mind believes that Beno Udrih is mentally strong enough to develop into a starting quality point guard on a consistent basis? Not I. Unlikely scenario, but you never know, maybe the Kings are having second thoughts on their selection.

D’Antoni is said to be hard up for Rubio, but the Knicks have nothing but total garbage to offer. The experts keep talking about Wilson Chandler and either David Lee or Nate Robinson in a sign-and-trade. I want NOTHING to do with ANY of that garbage. Sure, they’re all nice players, but we don’t need another undersized power forward, or another shoot-first point guard.

The nice thing about the situation is that the Wolves don’t have to be in any kind of hurry to make a decision. Rubio is only going to get more valuable over the next two years if for no other reason than his current contract is up in two years, relieving the contract buyout issue and making him a considerably cheaper asset. In two years he’ll be 20 years old, effectively a college sophomore, and even more mature and developed as a player and a person. After everyone called him crazy, Kahn is looking like he could still end up with the last laugh since he’s put the Wolves in a very powerful position regarding Ricky Rubio.

The winds of change are blowing through Minneapolis and they bring with them the pleasant scent of hope.

June 27, 2009

Don't Know Where, Don't Know When

First of all, this is a great article about Kahn! and how he's actually holding all the chips in this Rubio stare-down... which is apparently contrary to what every sportswriter in this town thinks.

Now, my take on all this echoes the TrueHoop article, namely, let's assume that Rubio doesn't want to come to the Wolves this season, or even next. Well, if anything, that puts his value HIGHER, because New York would then think they could convince him to play there, and they would give up pieces accordingly. In their minds, he is not coming to the NBA strictly because it's Minnesota... not because he has to go into his own pocket for damn near 6 million dollars.



(this is going to feel really good to type)


You could not make that statement about our previous GM, "AssHead" McHale. He would look at the situation and be like "OH NO! Rubio won't sign here! I better trade him for Charles Oakley, because he's a ballplayer and I used to be a ballplayer so HEY SOMETHING SHINEY I WILL NOW DRINK OUT OF THE DOG BOWL." Kahn is playing this like a smooth smoothey. Draft rights are a hell of a thing, and ol' Rick's about to figure that out. Remember Danny Ferry? Drafted by the Clip Ship and fled the country to play in Italy instead... hey how'd that career turn out? You gonna be remembered for your game, or for surrounding LeBron with a team full of pranksters? I'm sayin, this isn't the NFL, where you can hold a team hostage. And like that TrueHoop article says... so what if he doesn't play this year? The Wolves are looking at just over 20 wins, as is, and if he plays, he might get them to 30. But let's not kid ourselves AT ALL. The kid is 18. His overall impact on the team this season would be low. It would definitely be nice to have him, just to teach him and get used to playing in the TC and all that, but if he wants to play in Spain, hey, go for it. Between Flynn and Telfair, I think we're going to be ok. At least we didn't pay out the ass for Rafer Alston.

Here are a couple of scenarios, and what I think of them:

1. Rubio plays this year in Minnesota.

We all go pee in our pants and watch every game. We get tickets and buy jerseys and praise the franchise that just a few months ago I openly pleaded with to leave town and never come back. This would be happy happy joy-joy. Now, if this happened, we might have to trade Flynn for a bench player... but so what? IT'S RUBIO. (note, this is the least likely scenario)

2. Rubio plays in Spain this year, but after negotiating for an entire winter, Kahn! convinces him to come to MN in 2010.

See above. We get a season of Jonny Flynn cold knocking them in from half court and yelling at everyone, Telfair ups his value, and we move one of them at year's end, commence the peeing in pants. Meanwhile Kevin Love turns 21 and celebrates at Spin (he just seems like he would like that place)

3. Rubio holds out indefinitely, frustrating the Wolves privately, but on their public face, they are cool as a cucumber and never give anything away. Meanwhile the Knicks fail for another season and offer their entire team for Rubio, which the Wolves turn down, then the Knicks sign LeBron and offer HIM for Rubio, which we accept.

Ok, the second half of that probably won't happen, but the first is a likely scenario. Here's the deal with that though... as the Knicks "ratchet up the pressure" and "seriously inquire about Rubio"... that's only driving the price up for teams that, you know, can actually get him. Say New Jersey wants a run at him... well the Knicks' blundering in the process has just raised the bar. Point being, even in this option, clearly the biggest "doomsday" scenario, I'm ok with it, because of Kahn!. You think he's going to submit to the pressure and make a panic move?

Let's put it this way: everyone out there (well, fat lazy sportswriters) assumed the Wolves made a "panic move" by drafting Flynn and then Lawson. THEY WERE WRONG. It was the opposite. They traded Lawson because, as Kahn! says, they didn't think a guy at the 18th pick pay slot could impact their team this season or in the future, and they wanted a higher pick next year. GOOD LOGIC. And as far as drafting Flynn? Not only is that not a panic move, it's about the coolest move he could make... it gives him a TOTAL backup scenario, and when teams start calling about Rubio (which I'm sure that phone won't stop ringing until November), Kahn's got Flynn in his back-pocket, able to tell all other GMs, "Hey, we're cool, we don't need to move Ricky, we've got our point guards". AND IT'S TRUE.

You ask me? I think it's a genius move. I've ruminated on it for a few days, and I couldn't be happier. Starting lineup of Telfair/Flynn, Ellington, Brewer/Gomes, Jefferson and Love? That's a raw, young lineup, but it's exciting and better than last year. That's all we can do, right? Get better than last year? Well, done.

June 26, 2009

Immediately read this letter from Kahn!

The draft, explained.

I have to echo one of the commenters... I really love this transparency and honesty by the front office. They are willing to accept that Rubio may not be here next year, or even the year after that, but they can wait, and they are building the pieces for sure. That run down of the ages of our current players makes me absolutely giddy.

June 25, 2009

Immediate Draft Reaction (part 1)

Who would've thought that the most difficult thing Kahn! would have to deal with in his first season as GM is not trades or contracts, but rather, convincing Ricky Rubio to come play in Minnesota. Clearly, his success in this draft rests solely on getting RR to actually, you know, sign a contract and play with this team.

They did draft his teammate, a man named Henk, from the Netherlands, so a good first sign. But this is going to be a nervous few days as we find out what Ricky's really made of. And Kahn!


So What Now?

An issue that I haven’t really addressed yet is that Kevin McHale is no longer with our organization. I think, based on the response from my fellow Wolves bloggers, you have already gathered that we’re all very ecstatic about his departure. The cloud of failure is beginning to clear, the sun has started to breath life back into Minnesota’s professional basketball team. After inhaling the beautiful fresh air, us Wolves fans are now looking across a beautiful new horizon. The possibilities seem endless. We have a couple of good, young players, a fresh attitude in the front office, and a plethora of draft picks with which to build around our core.

There’s one thing missing at this point: Who the hell is going to lead this blossoming group of youngsters? I have to admit McHale did a good job last year on the bench, considering he didn’t want to be there and his best two players were hurt for most of the season. But it’s not like he’s got big shoes that need to be filled – well, except with cement, over an open body of water. Alas, you can’t kill a walking corpse, but I digress. So who then will lead this young troupe of basketeers? There are a lot of names out there – a lot of proven guys, who’ve done some great things. There are some up and comers – diaper dandies, as a certain basketball talker might say. I just don’t know!! “But Dave,” you say, “you must have an opinion, a light to shine on this chasm, filled with coaching options…” Oh, but of course I do – when don’t I! So let’s get into this mess.

P.J. Carlesimo, Sam Mitchell, and Jeff Van Gundy are all out there. They’ve all had success at the NBA level, this we know. Of course we also know that all three have been involved in some sort of physical altercation with their players – PJ got choked by Spree, Mitchell threw punches at Skip To My Lou, and we all remember watching JVG cling to Zo’s leg for dear life while he and Grandmama failed repeatedly to hit each other with their fists. Probably not a good trait for a coach to have while trying to teach youngsters how to act. So they’re out.

There are a few other ex-coaches out there like Mo Cheeks, Eddie Jordan, and Eric Musselman. Not much success in that group – I actually think Eric Musselman is a “pro” blogger for some janky basketball website (like me, but smarter, and more well paid).

There are also a number of ex-players who are serving as assistants right now that are on their way up in the coaching world. Kurt Rambis is fresh off a title with the Los Angeles Lakers and has already turned down overtures from the Sacramento Kings. Mario Elie, Patrick Ewing, and Ty Corbin are all considered to be on their way to head jobs eventually. Don't forget Bill Laimbeer – he who said, “I don’t fight, I agitate and walk away” – won a title as the head coach of the WNBA’s Detroit Shock. I just don’t see the youngsters as ready for the big time quite yet, and Laimbeer isn’t a “people person.”

I’d be interested in Kurt Rambis but there’s no way he’s about to pick up and leave L.A. when he’s considered the heir-apparent to the ship that Phil built. Tom Thibedeaux, the defensive master in Boston, has been a hot name the past couple years but I’m not convinced he wants to be a head coach at all, and certainly not before they’re done winning titles in Boston.

So that’s a lot of people who are out there. There’s a lot of people who are available. But who’s out there, available, and desirable? Realistically, not many, sad to say.

Mark Jackson is one of the names most often mentioned in connection with the Wolves head coaching vacancy. He and Kahn do share an Indiana connection, although I don’t think they were there at the same time. He was a tough-as-nails point guard who had no problems starring at Madison Square Garden night in and night out. Jackson has been flexing his basketball knowledge with ABC and ESPN, calling games, with most “pundits” thinking he’ll easily make the transition to the bench successfully. I’m not totally sold on him, but I wouldn’t be sad if he got his first shot with us.

Terry Porter hasn’t had much luck, or success, since his early days in Milwaukee. He was cut loose after a philosophy shift in Cheesetown and got the axe amidst the Phoenix Suns debacle of a year ago. He is an ex-Wolf, but not in any way part of McHale’s Sinking Navy. I have to think he’s an outside shot at best, although his knack for coaching defense keeps him in the mix.

Avery Johnson is a name that has been mysteriously absent from all the coaching changes over the past year. I haven’t even heard his name since he was being considered in Phoenix and Chicago before last season. It strikes me as strange that a guy, considered by many to be one of the up and comers in NBA coaching, has not been mentioned at all regarding the open jobs in Sacramento, Phoenix, or Minnesota – two of which have filled now. It makes you wonder what happened. He fits what the Wolves are said to be looking for: a young, tough coach, who can teach. I wouldn’t be surprised if they announced him as head coach with not so much as a breath of a rumor beforehand.

Reggie Theus is another young coach with some talent and experience. He was in a difficult situation in Sacramento which required him to perform with nothing on his roster, in a tough Western Conference, and for demanding ownership. He had a good amount of success at New Mexico State prior to getting his first gig in Sacto, but is he ready for a second shot? It’s hard to say. I love him as a lead assistant, which would give him a chance to learn some more, and then give him another shot at the head spot. That said, I think he’d be a good fit in Minnesota, if for no other reason than they have a ton more talent than Sacramento did two years ago and he seems to communicate well with the players.

See what I mean about it being pretty thin? There are names, guys you know, but not anyone I’d really be excited about having as my head coach. I spent the better part of today looking at all the ex-coaches, ex-players, current assistants, and college coaches, to see what I could find for candidates for the Wolves. There are a lot of names out there, but not many I can make too compelling an argument for.

There was, however, one name that consistently kept surfacing – almost stubbornly so. It’s not a name you would expect me to put on this list, quite the opposite in fact. He hasn’t had a lot of success at the pro level, although he definitely has some experience, including some in the playoffs. He has consistently done well in the college ranks, although he’s embroiled in a bit of controversy at the moment. I know, you’re thinking Calipari aren’t you? Good guess, but not him. And it’s not Pitino either, although he’s not really in any kind of trouble. For now. Think further west. Got it? That’s it, it’s Tim Floyd. Hey, before you stop reading, let me explain, because lord knows I’m as surprised about this as you are.

He’s relatively young, he’s demanding of his players (on the court anyways), and he’s proven he can successfully adjust to major roster changes year in and year out. Losing your star player every single year has got to be tough. USC has sort of become an NBA-Player factory, so we can assume he knows how to manage this generation of NBAers (on the court). He can coach talent, we know that for sure.

“Jesus Dave, have you even looked as his NBA record?”

Yes. I have. And it’s not very good. He even admitted he was terrible. But look at more than just the numbers. He was the guy that followed Michael and Scottie and Phil Jackson in Chicago. He was forced to coach an expansion team in a city that expected, no, DEMANDED, a champion. Not to mention the lock-out shortened season and a crazy owner. So three seasons in, he’s toast, and had moved on to New Orleans. A 41 win season, a first-round exit in the playoffs, and another philosophical change within the organization spelled his doom there. What I wouldn’t do for a .500 season and a return trip to the playoffs right now.

So he’s now five years wiser and maybe ready for a return to the NBA. The situation he’d be coming into carries much less pressure than his beginning in Chicago. The roster is pretty loaded (well, after the draft anyways) with solid, young talent, which he proved he could manage at USC. He’s a player’s coach who knows the game of basketball and showed he could handle the glitz and glam of Los Angeles just fine - so he'll be fine in the media-friendly city of Minneapolis. I’m not saying he’s the answer but I’m not saying he isn’t either.

Call me crazy if you will but, if it were my team, I’d give Floyd a good, long look.

June 24, 2009

Mock Draft 6.Durrrr!

I had full intentions of doing my own mock draft this year but just haven't been able to put in the time to take a good enough look at everything to be able to put something together. I do have a lot of ideas regarding the draft this year. I'll pop through some picks here and give a short, sweet, and probably not very accurate prediction of what will happen.

1. The Clippers take Blake Griffin. Yeah, this is stupid. I almost left this one off because no one in their right mind is going to do anything else BUT take this man #1. Not even the Clip Ship can gag this one up.

2. There is some rumor here that the Wolves are trying to move up to this spot to assure themselves Ricky Rubio. It seems feasible but unlikely. We just don't have anything that Memphis wants, atleast that isn't both our top-10 draft picks. They have no need for a PG, and it sort of sounds like Rubio doesn't want to play there, so he's out. OJ Mayo was their guy last year and Rudy Gay is their star, so they don't need any of the other wing players that are available. They'll take Thabeet, they'll be happy with that pick, until he has a foot injury in year 2 and has to call it a career by year 5. Sorry Hasheem, I hope I'm wrong, but I just don't see it working out for you.

3. There is a lot of talk about what OKC is going to do here. They technically have a PG in Russell Westbrook, although I think he can play off the ball as well. Nobody thinks it's going to be Rubio here, but I'm not holding my breath. Dick Vitale is more than happy to give you his opinion on what they should do with this pick (it starts at the 2:40 mark). I'll go on record right now and say I disagree but I guess I don't see why not. James Harden is a good option here too.

4. This is where it gets interesting. The Kings have a scoring guard in Kevin Martin - and he's signed to a stupid-long, crazy-expensive, Rashard Lewis-type contract. They committed a decent amount of money to Beno Udrih, although I wouldn't hesitate to put him on the bench behind Rubio. If they don't take Rubio here, I would say that Jordan Hill makes sense here. He's big, althletic, and can score in bunches. Some also are saying Johnny Flynn here.

5. If Rubio is here, the Wolves take him. No doubts. If he's not? Then they take Tyreke Evans, and lord knows I'm a big fan of this kid. He's a legitimate 6-5 2-guard who has the body, and skills, to be a solid defender within a year or two. Oh, and he's already ready to be a dominant scorer and playmaker. If he's not here then that means James Harden or Jonny Flynn are available, both would be good fits in Minnesota. I'm an especially big fan or Harden if Rubio or Evans aren't available.

6. In a dream world, Rubio was available at 5, with Evans still on the board. Boo-yaa! Of course, this is the Wolves - and their luck - we're talking about, so it probably won't roll out that way. I expect to get one of Rubio, Evans, or Harden at #5. If the other two are not available at this point, the Wolves can't pass on Thabeet - I know, I just told you how I think his career is going to go down. He's just too big and fills a very big need for the Wolves, not to mention the lack of blow-your-mind talent available in this draft. I would also look at Terrence Williams here - if you watched the Dicky V interview video above you may have noticed his athleticism. Watch it again and tell me he doesn't look impressive. I would probably take a look at Stephen Curry here too, although mostly just to try to dupe the Knicks into doing something stupid - like swapping picks and giving us their first round pick in the draft next year too.

And that's really all I care about for now. The Wolves have the #18 and #28 picks, with Sam Young and Chase Budinger being my top choices at those two spots, but I'm not so sure they'll actually be making those picks (rumor has it they're possibly selling #28 to the Knicks).

"Hey dude, but what about who the Bulls are going to take - that dude from the Duke Blue Doops!"

Sorry Big Gregg, I just don't care. Not this year. I have much too much on my plate to care about regarding the Wolves this year to be too worried about how New Jersey, Charlotte, and Indiana are going to screw up in the draft this year - In BIG ways I tell you, BIG ways.

Of course, with more than a full 24 hours before the actual draft, situations may change in ways my mind cannot comprehend, so buckle up folks. We're about to go for a ride, and this sucker don't end til the sun goes down tomorrow.

It's going to be fun!

June 23, 2009

Wow. Start With a Bang Much?

There's too much to think about right now to do this post any justice at all - so I'll have to revisit this, possibly after Thursday, since it's draft day.

This deal tells me a few things.

One, there's no way he's done. No way. What the hell are we going to do with 4 first round picks - two of them back-to-back? Nope, no way this isn't the last deal. Moving up to take Rubio? Making a move to get a player like Stoudemire? (God I hope not!)

Two, I don't think they'll draft Thabeet. Well, let me rephrase. They won't be trading up to take him, but would probably still take him if he fell to 5 or 6. Etan Thomas, when healthy, is a serviceable big guy who can do the one thing no one on the Timberwolves can do. He can play defense, specifically, body someone up in the post. I know, I'm getting ahead of myself, but, he IS in a contract year, so hopefully he'll bring some energy to the floor with him and give the Wolves a defensive presence in the middle.

Three, they'll be drafting a G for sure with one of those two picks, if not both. If they can't manufacture some way to get Rubio, then I pray to God we get a shot at Tyreke Evans and/or James Harden. If we got both? I'll crap. All over myself. Hey opposing backcourts, good luck staying infront of anyone! Oh, but you'll get yours on the other end, so no worries for you.

I also think that Kevin Love may not be a member of our basketball team much longer. There was a rumor that we were going to trade him to Memphis for their pick, but that's not going anywhere - why would Memphis do that? But what if we were to package Love with the #5 pick for the #2 pick? The we take Rubio there, and possibly Evans or even Stephen Curry at 6? I just peed my pants a little bit thinking about a Rubio/Evans backcourt.

Don't get me wrong though, I really like Kevin Love. I think that trade (OJ Mayo for Love, et all), if he remains in a Wolves uniform for the majority of his career, will go down as McHale's second best move. Well, third best. "Leaving" us will go down as his best move, by far.

I have to say, I like the move on first looksee. I like the players we're losing, but realistically they weren't going to be taking us anywhere in the next few years, so why not roll the dice to possibly get a kid who could?

More on this later. God the draft, seriously, this is getting exciting again.

Deep inside, you wish you had the pop hit

The Trade: Randy Foye and Mike Miller for Oleksiy Pecherov, Etan Thomas, Darius Songalia and the #5 pick in this year's draft

Woah boy. Welcome to town, Kahn!

First, let's start with this.... IT'S A TRADE. OUR GM MADE A MOVE THAT DIDN'T INVOLVE MARK BLUNT OR MARKO JARIC. It's not a safe trade by any means. It's a roll of the dice. A ballsy move. Start there... acknowledge that it's a move that is a risk, and we're off to a good start. McFail never did anything like this, ever. He traded the best athlete in Minnesota history for Gerald Green.

Now, salaries:

Foye was in the last year of his rookie contract, and then he had the "qualifying offer" which would be accepted by both sides, undoubtedly. So he's got two more years at very cheap (because of his low service time)

Miller is making damn near TEN million this year, his last on the contract. He'll get nowhere near that next summer, but I suppose he wasn't THAT overpaid, considering the other terrible contracts out there (Ben Wallace, UP!). Miller was the second highest paid player on the Wolves, which is funny. Now it drops off after Jeff to... Oh dear god. Brian Cardinal.

Etan Thomas is in the last year of his deal as well, making 7.5 million. Nice to see that one come off the books at year's end.

Darius Songalia is still in his "rookie" contract, though that's kind of misusing the word. He's played in Russia, so yeah. He's on the hook for this next year at 4.5 million (not bad at all), and then has a player option for 2010-11 for 4.8.... which I would exercise if I were him. Though you never know.

And then Pechy... He makes 1.5 this year and has a team option for 2010... at 2.3. This is a total toss up... I guess we'll see him play and decide if he's worth it. He's the 11th guy on the bench anyway. But cheap, I suppose.

So, contract-wise, a fairly even trade for the Wolves... they have almost as much coming off the books as they did before the trade, just with Etan Thomas in his last year versus Mike Miller. Who's going to play harder for that contract money? (psst, answer: MIKE MILLER) But the smaller pieces are all a washout.

But, of course, you can't evaluate this trade on contracts alone. There is a pick involved here. A rather large pick.

The Timberwolves now possess FOUR first round picks in this year's draft. There are reports that they are trying to package 5 and 6 to move up. And of course, there's the news that Rubio had a workout with Sacramento and they aren't too hot on him at #4. This is a lot to happen two days before the draft.

OK, first of all, if Rubio falls to the Wolves, DEAR SWEET JESUS THANK THE LORD ABOVE. I'm not saying it's KG, but the way that everyone is suddenly scared of taking this guy reminds me of Big Ticket. Like, he was hyped a few months ago, and since then, it's been a steady fall. I will say this, Ricky Rubio will be 14 times better than Hasheem Thabeet. Why? Because he can jump and handle the basketball without looking like a confused child. And Rubio's younger. Thabeet will be good, when he's 25. And even then, he'll never be great. You have to have post moves better than "dunk rebounds" in the NBA.

I think for this to be a successful draft for the Wolves, they have to walk out with a quality guard, preferably a point guard (Rubio is the dream, but I'll be happy with Holiday or Tyreke), and then a scorer (which most everyone on the draft board is, to varying degrees, except Man-Child Thabeet). But here's the deal... they have two more picks after that! Talk about stocking up.

Man, if Fred is involved in this draft, color me excited. I can't wait to see what they do. Gee, you think they got enough for Amare NOW?

Oh my god.... he's... he's coming to the Timberwolves


Oleksiy Pecherov.

He is going to play for the Timberwolves.

2009 NBA Draft

Let's talk about it. Get there, Kahn. Let's go. Wheel and Deal. Buy low sell high*. Can we get Rubio and Tyreke? How 'bout Thabeet? Do we just draft people because they are tall with this new crew?

*I don't know what I am talking about.

June 17, 2009


"Idiot" McHale, aka "Dumbshit" aka "Horse's Ass" aka "Traded the franchise for spare parts" aka "SOMEONE has to get rebounds, so it might as well be Kevin Love even though he's like the 251st best rebounder in the NBA" aka "The reason Drew Boatman and literally thousands of fans just like him gave up on the Timberwolves"... HAS. BEEN. FIRED.

Look for sweeping changes to come to this blog in the next few days. The dark days are just a little brighter today.