January 26, 2008

How do you make a glass of water?

I don't think the local pro b-ball team can. I think they would mess it up.

I had the honor of watching the final 5 minutes of Min/Bos last night. This is basically the first time I saw them play all year. With about 2 minutes left, I was wondering how we were going to mess this up. I can't do it justice on this blog, I will just say:

A. Try to release the ball from your hands before the ref counts to 5 when you are inbounding.
B. Try to rebound
C. Kendrick Perkins not happy
D. Garnett better

January 14, 2008

Frozen Assets

I've spent the last few days icing down surgery wounds. Nothing to worry about...yet. But each day I make progress...I think I'm making progress, but remembering the lines from the film "Lunch Wagon" and you have to keep things in perspective.

(in hospital)
Ralph: Turtle, how long are we gonna be in here?
The Turtle: However long (looks under bed sheet) this takes to heal.

So the horizontal time is spent watching television. Basketball is one of these things. The Clip's loss to Dallas sums up much of this season. But without even getting into that, or Andrei's New Year's Eve pictures, it's the Wolvens.

Specifically, the fans. Being out here in Sunville, I look for the pulse to see what's being said about a team worse than the Clippers. A team that is slowly challenging the 76ers record. And here's what I found:

  • "Looking forward to next season"

This writing had to do with the guess that the Wolves would win the lotto, and who they would pick. Bill Russell and Ken Reeves were not mentioned as possibilities.

  • "What if the Lakers never left Minneapolis?"

This statement would have made for interesting reading in 1963.

  • "When Foye returns, how many wins?"

This is envisioning victory. Positive thinking. A good idea, even if it blows up in your face. You're not making any outrageous claims...that you'll make the playoffs. There isn't even a specific number thrown out. Beware the word "competitive" - this is misleading. The Washington Generals were also competitive. They just didn't win.

But this, THIS is my favorite. And it's not an article title, it's a quote from Deadzo:

You knew there would be a few fluctuations.

I think you know the subject and the context of the quote. I also think you know the reason for the fluctuation. But he started the quote with "you knew" - this signifies that he was aware this would completely destroy the team regardless of effort.

The Clips, it's multiple injuries...including one that may end a player's career. But Deadzo is getting what he paid for. He was "aware" of possible fluctuations. So were Wolves fans.

Nothing to see here folks, Go Gophers, move along please.