October 27, 2011

NCAA might keep UConn out of NCAA tournament...

... and in related news, Major League Baseball announced they are kicking the Yankees out of the playoffs, because they "bring in too much money".

Oh really, NCAA?  You're going to hold the University of Connecticut out of the tournament because their ballers get bad grades?  How much money do you think you're going to lose by doing this?  Millions?  You wouldn't want anyone in that area to watch your tournament now, would you?  You wouldn't want all that revenue to dry up would you?  What a joke.

Here is the exact timeline of how this is going to go down.

1.  We have some bullshit announcement about how the NCAA is cracking down on bad programs and is not going to let in some powerhouse schools because they can't get good grades.  This makes the NCAA look like they are doing something, anything, other than filling their pockets with cash and getting fat off a free product.

2.  UConn (and specifically Calhoun) are going to RAISE HELL and call the scumbag down at headquarters, use the F word approximately 100 times in a minute, and remind them that coffee (and tournament appearances) are for closers only.

3.  In a month, a small press release will come out regarding this "change"... surprisingly, they are pushing back implementation of the standards until 2014 at the earliest.

4.  Everyone who works for the NCAA, everyone who works for the conferences, and every single person who makes millions of dollars off of free athletes will eat a meal that costs more than my car.