January 12, 2011

Just because it's January...

...doesn't mean we can't talk about horseshit NBA officials. 

So, the internet is passing around this clip of Ken Mauer calling 5 Technicals on the Wolves in 10 seconds.  Not that such inane officiating is unique to Ken, or the NBA at large.  This is just a reminder that it happens all year long, not just during Stern's (soon to be) 4 month run to the finals.

But let's take a look at Ken.  You know, Ken did hard time.  5 months in jail for tax evasion among other counts.  So, you know, a felon is out there calling your games.  Stern has NO PROBLEM IN ANY WAY with OFFICIALS BEING CRIMINALS, JUST PLAYERS.  Sorry, that was CAPS overload...but I want to stress those points.  The disparity of an actual real, sane world and the one David sits in gets wider by the day.

Hey, wait a minute.  Didn't I once write a post about another shitty NBA ref who was guilty of the same thing, but never missed a game?  I sure did.  Good to see very little has changed in the Association.