March 31, 2010

New Jersey Nets Fail Watch - Final Update?!

When I wrote the first Nets Fail Watch, I listed games where there was a possibility of the Nets winning. Since then, they won the first two games on that list, putting them at 9 wins. What'll it be, Jersey? Certainly it wouldn't be a victory against a San Antonio squad who's fighting for the playoffs, right?

Well, Brook Lopez is either playing out of his mind or playing as he usually does (either one), and the Nets played nearly error free basketball to win 90-84. That makes it win 10, but more importantly, it makes them just another god-awful team.

What do you remember about...
the 07-08 Miami Heat
the 04-05 Atlanta Hawks
the 02-03 Denver Nuggets
the 00-01 Chicago Bulls

...other than the fact that they must have been shit for me to even bring them up? Of course...the teams that are just plain bad are forgotten immediately. Sometimes that happens and your team moves to Memphis where it's once again forgotten. Other times, your team drives further and further into the ground, ignored by the public. This Nets team will bullshit whatever is left of its fanbase about the "strong end to the season." Next, they'll crow about the #1 pick...and whoever they choose, it'll be the "right fit" and will lead to advertisements on their "exciting young ballclub." Maybe it'll work.

Maybe the fans will care, too. Maybe...

March 28, 2010

Epke Udoh

Just got done watching the Duke/Baylor game. I am guessing we are 3 deep in whatever position he would play in the NBA and I DON'T CARE. This guy just made himself a lottery pick with that game. If math is on our side we get Evan Turner or Wall and Kahn! gets to wheel and deal. I am saying trade up to get Udoh. Thoughts?

March 22, 2010

New Jersey Nets Fail Watch - Update #1

The analysis of the teams that only occasionally get it done (Timberwolves, Clippers...well, maybe only the Clippers) will be taking a back seat in these posts, which will spread over two blogs. It's the news story that, for some reason, no one is talking about: will the Nets break the 76ers record from 1972-73 for the least amount of wins in a season?!

Current Nets achievement tally: 7

That 76ers team was a sad one, to be sure. But the way in which the 76ers ended that season will be the measuring stick for the Nets. After a span of two weeks where the 76ers went 5-2, they lost their last 13 games. (This after earlier in the season, where they dropped 20 in a row!)

Tonight, the Nets played the first of their own final 13 games against a Miami team that will likely end up in the playoffs. With a 1 point lead at halftime, the Nets did the thing they DON'T do best: scoring. That's 36 points in the 2nd half, and another loss.

But the question is: what does the future hold for the Nets to, dare we say, break this record? I wouldn't dream of making such bold predictions of them WINNING a game, but here are games where there would be a slim possibility:

Home vs. Sacramento
Home vs. Detroit
At Washington
at Indiana
Home vs. Charlotte (They've defeated this "team" twice!)

Could the Nets fire it up to not only TIE the record but move past it and, as a result, just be another shitty team in the halls of history?! Keep checking in to find out!

March 16, 2010

When Rudy T. makes a commercial...

...and decides that he wants to use an Italian accent, you have GOLD.

March 3, 2010


As I turned on the radio to check out the Wolves/Mavs game tonight, I got a plesant surprise. Darko Milicic was playing - and fairly well, save some foul trouble. 3-3 from the floor, 6 points, a rebound and an assist in the first half. Of course he picked up his 4th personal foul because he fell for a pump-fake from JJ Barea. Too bad, I was sort of hoping to hear him play well if only for his own sake.

Being the biggest draft bust ever has to carry a huge amount of weight. I wouldn't wish that upon anyone. Except Karl Malone, but that's a long story for another time.