March 27, 2008

March 18, 2008

Everybody wants my $5

This time of year I get plenty of emails inviting me to do a bracket in someone's pool.

Just go to Sportsline and . . .

I would like to think it is because I am popular, but it just has to do with the fact people know I think Belmont can make it to the Sweet 16 one of these years.

Well, looky here, Owner is talking again. I think KG also kicked his puppy . . . not sure, though.

March 7, 2008

"What we would call a young European player"

I honestly don't read Sid's articles to rip on the guy. This blog is more on the owner anyway. Sometimes I just see the headline and have to read in amazement. From the article:

Taylor said coach Randy Wittman's job is not in danger. He said Wittman has a three-year contract, is doing a good job and there will not be any coaching changes regardless of the team's record.

Also, it looks like Taylor is some sort of GM:

The Wolves will have three draft picks this year, their first- and second-rounders and then Miami's second.

"My thinking is that the most that we would carry is two of those three,'' Taylor said. ''So, one of them you might look at if we can get two good ones we might push one back, trade it off to a year later, or else there's a possibility we'd draft what we would call a young European player and have him stay over there a year and practice."

If the dude is from Norway? I think that counts. What if he is like this guy? Maybe Dave Sniz can tell us the Woofies history of drafting . . . what we would call a young European player.