January 19, 2012

Is it... safe?

Can I.... Is it ok if I let my hands fall to my sides a little bit?  Can I let the guard down for a minute?

Is... is K-K... Kevin still in charge?

What?  WHAT?!?!  The team plays defense???  The coach is competent???  The young stars are showing signs of fundamental improvement???



Last night was the biggest win of the season.  I'm not kidding.  Sure, you may say "It's only the Pistons, at home... they SHOULD beat them."  And that's exactly it.  They've shown us all exactly how good they are.  They are 6-8.  They are hovering around .500, and will likely end the season somewhere around there.  You know what that means?  That means they might, could, possibly, maybe, contend for a play---


But yes, they are 6-8.  They are not great.  They have flaws like every other "middle" team.  But sweet Moses, they are a middle team.  They are as middle as it gets.  I never thought it would be so good just to be mentioned in the same breath as Portland and Houston.

Last year, they were so horribly inconsistent and awful.  Look at the record... they would beat Indiana and Utah, back to back, at home... and then lose 15 games in a row.  They would beat Houston at home, and then go get done by Indiana and Philadelphia.  There was no momentum at all, and they hardly ever won games they should have won. 

It's changed this year.  Rick has the team playing up to their potential and at their talent level.  A team like Detroit comes in, and the Wolves find a way to win a game when they couldn't shoot for shit.  They keep working the offense, keep plugging away on defense, toughen up the paint (I'm seriously loving that on-the-block defense... it hasn't been here since, what, Joe Smith?  Oh christ....), and they come out with a win against an inferior opponent.

So many things to celebrate... but let's stop for a moment to consider that statement.  "Inferior opponent".  There are other teams that are worse off than the Wolves now.  IT'S BEEN YEARS.

So sign Love.  Extend Rubio.  Dump Beasley, or not.  Just keep the coach.  Keep improving.  The slow burn of NBA Rebuilding is warming the room.  I'm ready to emerge from this dark dungeon.  Like Bubs, I think I deserve a meal at that table now.

It's been long enough.

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