May 31, 2009

A closer look...

Dickfer, you absolutely made my day.

Let's get a little deeper on this trio:

Man On Left: Periwinkle sport coat, available at your nearest Fashion Barn. Open collared robin's-egg-blue striped shirt. Missing gold chains. Definitely a guy betting the 4:40 at Hollywood Park ("GET THERE, FIVE!"). "Knows" certain outcomes of low-level sporting contests. Connected in ways we can only dream.

Man In Middle: Wide tie and curly locks busting out from awkwardly placed hat. Looks Australian. He is the grease man for Man On Left. He cuts the deals, cleans up the messes.

Man On Right: Can't physically wear a collared shirt or tie. They don't make them for people of his... carriage. He'll go with Hanes tee under sport coat from Men's Warehouse. Enormous mustache just takes attention off triple chin. A man who knows one thing about coaching basketball: "Let the bangers bang and the shooters shoot." LOVES hot sauce. Is kind of dumb.


Other comments?

1 comment:

Dickfer said...

"Are you going to watch your team play tonight?"

"Why should I? I never do."

"They are playing for the conference championship."

"Oh. That sounds important, I should go."

"What are the colors of my team?"

"Blue and black basically."

"Well, all I have is this sport coat. That'll do."

"You could wear your Nick Anderson t-shirt underneath."