March 5, 2011

Stop everything, I've got a new rule for this blog

Ok, so from now on, I must insist that whenever we post anything along the lines of "This Timberwolves team is a failure" or "This guy the Timberwolves drafted pulled a gun on his moms" or "Looks like Rubio's going to stay in Spain until he's 30", then we need to post this image:

Because I've got to tell you, nothing we could ever say or do could speak more volume to the failure of this franchise than the fact that if you go to Cub foods and buy 4 cans of vegetables, you get two tickets to a Wolves game. NOTHING.

Thank you, carry on.

1 comment:

Dickfer said...

Good find. I think we can go lower than that. That bar is low, but there is air under that bar. Just wait 'til next year. I remember collecting cards from 7-11? for the North Stars. Fill up the poster with player cards and get a free pre-season ticket. Pre-season games were sold out. Still bitter.