December 16, 2005

Why didn't he just tell the cops he was Todd Bridges?

Jazz rookies cited for giving false names to police

Ummm, you guys playing for the Rim-Rockers, errrrrrrrr?

My favorite part:

The fight, which involved eight to 10 people, then spilled outside. Investigating officers asked Robert Whaley and Deron Williams to identify themselves. Whaley said his name was Bobby Williams and Williams identified himself as Torry Ellis, Ryan said.
I don't know what it is about fake names (Ron Mexico, have yourself some, kid!), but now I've got two more for the collection. Torry Ellis? Dude, you were the 3rd pick in the NBA draft. Now, I know you aren't very well known in the area, but come on.

Add it to my christmas wish list:

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