December 9, 2005

Mark Madsen has a blog!

Yes, it's true. And although it only has 5 posts, they might be the best 5 posts I've ever read in my life.

I won't even bother to quote the material, just go check it out:

Mad Dog Blog

There's gold in there. I sincerely hopes he updates it more. As you may know, Madsen is one of my favorite players, because he is the NBA player most likely to wear a sweater and read Yeats in his study. God speed, Ol' Dirt Dog.

Also, do yourself a favor and check out Mark Madsen dot com. "The rest of the story" indeed. The amount of misspellings on that website is staggering. Marko Jaric's name is misspelled incorrectly, twice, with two distinct errors, on the front page alone. It melts the mind.

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Trip Darvez said...

Instead of checking the pump, I'll just aim my gas in. There. I'm smart because I figured it out! I went to Stanford!