December 9, 2005

That's What I'm Saying!


One of the hard things to accept as an NBA stats analyst is why teams make decisions that fly in the face of pretty convincing statistical evidence. A case in point is the Timberwolves' continued usage of Michael Olowokandi. In 2004-05 the T'wolves were -51 in net points with the Kandi-man on the court and +166 without him. This season the tally runs at -24 with Olowokandi, +85 without. Sense a pattern here?
What's more significant is this: Kevin Garnett is clearly the heart of this team, and there is one guy on the roster who, when on court with KG, produces incredible team results: Eddie Griffin.

2004-05Garnett/Griffin on floor: +177
Garnett without Griffin on floor: -37

2005-06Garnett/Griffin on floor: +63
Garnett without Griffin on floor: +18

.....Thank you. Thank you for doing my research for me. Thank you for statistically proving the Wolves are worse when Kandi is on the floor.

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