December 8, 2005

NDBL, Raise It Up Buster!

The Wolves have two players playing in the NDBL, Bracey Wright and Dwayne Jones. Here's how they're doing

Bracey Wright
27.2ppg - leads the league
54.1% Fgs
43.8% #3's

Not to bad for a second round draft pick. I know the competition is even worse than summer league, but still, 27 points is 27 points. He supposed to be transforming into a true point guard - or the Wolves are hoping so, but the team (Florida Flame) isn't playing him that way.

Dwayne Jones
9.5rpg - would be 3rd in the league (only has played 4 games)

Again, he's only played in 4 games, but he's started three of them. He'll be a project and we knew that going in, so look for this kid to improve as the season rolls on.

Other NDBL Notes

Marcus Fizer is playing in the league. It's sad to see someone who's had a fair amount of NBA experience to be so bad that he has to get a special exception to play in the developmental league.

Yuta Tabuse - The Japanese Rocket, who tried to break into the league two years ago with Phoenix and again this year in L.A. with the Clippers, is back at it again in the NDBL. He helped lead the Albuquerque Thunderbirds to the championship last year and is having a similar season this year. I wouldn't expect him to get called up any time soon, but some day he'll make his way onto an NBA roster

Jeff Hagen - The old Minnesota Gopher has worked his way from being a bad college player to playing in the NDBL, a pretty huge feat to accomplish in 18 months. Before he started his senior season at Minnesota, he was hard to watch. He played with passion and energy, but he also played with a plate of wings around his waist at all times. He chissled himself up, worked on his game, and turned in a great senior year, which helped land him on the bench in Austin, for the Toros.

Shawnson Johnson - I don't know who this guy is, but what a great name. Just say it a bunch of times, trust me, it'll be funny

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