December 19, 2005

Twice on the Pipes if the answer is no

Here's reason 15,204 I enjoy college basketball: polls don't mean shit.

Look at the University of Texas.

Their amazing rise to the (near) top was aided by sportswriter's out-of-nowhere love for the team that was defeating the following heavyweights: Southern, Samford, LA-Monroe, TX-Pan America, TX-Arlington, and Rice. LOOK OUT! We have a real ball team on our hands! In the one game against an ok team (West Virginia) they won by one point.

And then they played White I mean, Duke, on a neutral floor, and received a pounding. But they're a top 10 team...they'll rebound, right? Well, Tennessee had another idea, and kicked the ever loving shit out of them IN Austin. The Longhorns have lost the last two games by a total of 48 points. But expect Texas to rise again, as Texas State and Prairie View loom large! The Longhorns have the 87th toughest schedule. Going off of a simulated RPI index, Texas is tied for 80th with scrappy Minnesota, a team with a far easier schedule (and, naturally, worse record).

In college football, where writer admiration can lead to success not otherwise deserved (Florida State's multiple "championship" game appearances) the tournament seems to separate the good shit from the stems. Ask Kansas about last season. Guess Bucknell was too much for them. But if we asked every overweight sports writer in New York (and there's a LOT of 'em) you'd hear otherwise.

So, enjoy the games, ignore the polls, and get ready for the Madness. The Bracket Beast cares not what the man with the mustache says you can do...

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