December 10, 2005

5 In A Row, 2.5 Game Lead

I love the way this team plays. I can't say it enough.

The Wolves looked great against the Lakers tonight. Kobe got his, but noone else did anything of note. KG had arguably his best game of the season, just based on when he hit his shots. 30 points, 8 rebounds, on 12 of 22 shooting. The first home game back from a long road trip can be a tough one, especially against a team that's won 4 in a row and have one of the best offensive players in the league. I realize they - the Lakers - played a tough game lastnight, but still...

Marko followed up his very impressive game against Portland with 12 points and 9 assists, while giving LA fits on defense. Rashad scored 8 points early, as Minnesota took the game over in the first quarter. The Lakers came back a couple times, but never really got into the game.

I listened to the pre-game interviews with Dwyane Casey and I can't say enough about him. He's a great coach and really has his team playing his way. He doesn't seem to have much of a personality, but he clearly knows what he's doing on the basketball court.

On a side note, directly related, there are three things I really love about this NBA season....

The first, as stated above, is Dwayne Casey's success. Flip was a fan favorite in this town, and is loved dearly by yours truly. I was skeptical about how Casey would run this team, but after the first two games, that doubt was erased. Their defense is amazingly better and as they've gotten used to Casey's system on offense, they've improved dramatically in the past 5 games.

The second is Flip's success in Detroit. Everyone was talking about how great Larry Brown was there, and how it was going to be tough shoes to fill for Flip. He's done amazingly. Clearly, he's a better offensive mind, or rather, a more free offensive mind than Brown. The Pistons are scoring more points per game than last year. They aren't beating teams by as many, but they're getting it done when they need to. I'm so happy to see Flip gettin' some in Detroit and am not-so-secretly rooting for the Pistons to win the championship this year.

The last thing I'm happy to see this NBA season is Larry Brown eating shit in New York. I hate the Knicks. A lot. I liked Larry Brown until he started flirting with Cleveland about their GM job when he was in the playoffs. I know, his players were supposedly good enough to push that distraction from their minds, but seriously, you can't believe that they were really all the way there through 7 games. If he doesn't do what he did, the Pistons beat the Spurs. Yeah, I said it. The Spurs are an amazing team, but the Pistons ripped the Holy Lakers from balls to chin the previous year, and they were as good the next. Larry Brown, although a great NBA mind, he's a moron for alienating his team. I can't wait to watch the Knicks eat his soul because, as long as Isaiah Thomas is incharge of that franchise, they will fail. Mark my words (I'll eat them if I have to, but I'm not betting on it)

The Nuggs got kicked in the nads by the Magic tonight, so that lead in the division climbed to 2.5 games. As Steve and I discussed, there is nothing more important to your season than a great start. Mr. Simpson quoted someone else as saying, in the first half of the season, you can't clinch a playoff birth, but you can lose one. So true, remember the Wolves last year? Did you really think they were going to come all the way back? I didn't, but I'm as asshole.

Kevin Garnett is the best player on the planet, Dwayne Casey will be coach of the year, and Wally Szczerbiak will be a fan favorite this season

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