December 21, 2005

The Stupid Things The Stupid Say

Steve Kerr is very entertaining to read. He’s an idiot and always gives me something to research. He makes some statement and I go on the hunt to prove him wrong. I do this because I’m always right. It’s like he opens his mouth and a stream of diarrhea comes spraying out.

1. Elton Brand is in the best shape of his life and playing at an MVP level.
Okay, I can give you this one Steve, I mean the guy has been playing at a very high level for many years and this year he’s really playing great. Of course we all know that Sam Cassell is the reason for his increased productivity. Expect a return to planet Clipper when Sam’s hip falls out.

2. Sam Cassell has given the Clippers a swagger they haven't had since, oh, ever.
Absolutely true. Until, like stated above, his hip falls out, or his contract starts to itch.

3. Chris Kaman is one of the most underrated centers in the league.

“Seriously, right now, how many centers are better? Shaquille O'Neal, of course, and Yao Ming. Ben Wallace and Marcus Camby, and maybe Zydrunas Ilgauskas. But that's it. Kaman is a legitimate post presence with excellent moves and a nice touch. He's a solid defender who blocks about two shots per game, and he knows his role.”

Okay, now this is just ludicris. So Steve is trying to tell us that he’s the 6th best center in the league? Really? Cuz I’ve got 11 centers that score more than his amazing 8.8 ppg. There are 7 centers who average more rebounds per game (a sky high 8.1) and 12 centers who have a higher efficiency rating than Kaveman. Is he serviceable? Absolutely. But to say he’s one of the six best centers in the league? Bullshit. You’re an idiot Steve, shut up!

4. LeBron might be one of the NBA's best, but Carmelo isn't far behind.
God I hope you’re kidding! Statistically, LeBron is a better player. Emotionally LeBron is a better player. Physically, LeBron is a better player. I mean, really? Who would you rather build a franchise around? I wouldn’t even put Carmelo in the top 15. Has he improved? Yeah, sure, but he’s not nearly mature enough to be compared to LeBron yet – again. Sure Carmelo gets his, but his team is only 12-13, while LeBron’s Cavs are 14-9. LeBron can score and win while Melo can score but it doesn’t help his team.

See what I mean about Steve Kerr being stupid? Yeah, I knew you’d agree. He’s an idiot – see previous post (Steve Kerr Is Stupid) for a full opinion on The Stupid.

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