December 12, 2005

Bound To Go To War, But This Ain't The Middle East, We're Knockin Fools Out For Revenge, Forget Peace

MC Ren, what happened, man?

There was no doubt that he was the best lyricist in NWA, yet somehow he was surpassed in the solo game by Eazy E, Ice Cube, hell even Dr. Dre (who frequently sounded like a sped on efiL4zaggiN). I think the only member that MC Ren beat in the sales charts was DJ Yella, and maybe The Arabian Prince. And with names like that, it's not hard to see how. Even D.O.C. had a hit record.

The one gem to come out of Ren's solo career was the track Mayday on the Frontline, which was featured on the CB4 soundtrack. It's got a hard beat and golden lyrics. Alas, this was the last quality thing I heard from Ren, and that film was released when I was in high school. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Ron got fired by the Slickster today, but I don't care about that.

The next 4 games are going to be all about pulling it out and assessing weight, volume and density.

Tonight vs Philly

You never know. Wolves have to be favored in this one, but Iverson.... well you know. Chris Webber - while certainly not a Timberwolves-killer - has done well against us though, usually because Bowl of Kandi is in the game. However, I think tonight's game will be different. And I predict Eddie G will be turning shots around to the direction they came (relax! I'm talking about basketball here!)

Tomorrow vs Sackramento

That's right. From now on, they have the word "Sack" in their name. It's only fitting. This wouldn't be a concern except for the fact that they play tonight then have to fly home and play the next day. I don't think it's the travel that is that big of a deal, but the 2 games in 2 days is. Also, don't look now, but Sackramento has won two in a row. The game doesn't worry me nearly as much as the next two, but there's reasons to not overlook the Kings.

Thursday vs San Antonio

The Timberwolves will lose this game. Oh, my stars, will they ever lose. So far this season, the Wolves have not played one legitimate championship contender (if you say Clippers or Cavs, you need to go away). Not only will they be playing a contender, they will be playing THE FATHER KINGDOM OF CHRIST TEAM led by a 7 foot tall swimmer and a minute Frenchman. The Wolves have been playing extremely well, and I predict they will give SA a game (especially because the game is at the TC), but they will lose. FEAR NOT! This will be a great learning game. Guys like Jaric, McCants, and even Eddie will see how a top-shelf opponent carries themselves and what kinds of things they do to win tough games. They will learn from their mistakes, and Casey will see first-hand how to make adjustments against superior opponents. This is a very big milestone in the season. They either run and hide from the blowout, or they man the hell up and get back in there and get it done.

Sunday vs Dallas

Oh boy. Well, that whole "Wolves will learn from losing to San Antonio and bounce back" theory will sure be tested here. First game after the world champs is against the Mavs... in Dallas. That's trouble. Oh well. If the Wolves can't pull it out, there's no shame in losing to these two teams. They are playing great, and the Wolves haven't seen any very good teams yet.

Regardless, I'm excited for these upcoming games. Not to discount what they have done on this past road trip and against the Kobes, but these next 4 games are going to give us a good glimpse into the true potential of this team.

God dammit all. I'm getting excited again.

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