December 5, 2005

Room for one more Rusty Nail?

This was my first occasion to see this year's maroon and gold, and considering injury this was a huge win over Arizona State. It's hard to make judgments against a team missing their giant bag of nats out with a sore hand, but this win was all the more impressive considering:

1. A shit start. It was matched likewise by ASU, but seeing this disorganization didn't make the left coast feel good early. Someone (Boone, Tollackson, or just an overall team jump) will have to cover this. And by shit start, I refuse to discuss the shit pre-season start and a certain game against Gardner-Webb.

2. Let's work on driving the lane. I I missing something? Do we have to drive and stop with both feet on the ground, jumping up as if the ball weighs 10 lbs? Was this a freak occurrence? If you have anyone in your face and give them that extra beat to get in front of you, a jump ball is more and more likely. This happened over and over again. You guys are from the Big Ten! Plow through em!

3. They're free. Sometimes you get one throw. Sometimes two. Making half would be swell.

All those things aside, the Gophs still guts it out. Let's hope this turns the trend and sets a strong foundation when Grier returns.

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