January 5, 2006

This has to be preserved...

Vin Baker owes his agent money

Yeah, whatever. Here is the quote:

Goodwin did not want to comment on Baker’s career or personal issues, but two sources say that in the latter stages of his career, Baker had taken to get part of his alcohol fix by drinking mouthwash.
“He thought he was fooling people because they couldn’t smell the alcohol on his breath, just the mouthwash,” said one.
Celtics personnel also reported Baker coming to practice smelling of mouthwash and unable to perform properly.

Words will do no good here.

1 comment:

Trip Darvez said...

"Hey Vin, you OK? You smell like TheraFlu."

"Yeah, man. Flu slowin me down."

"Vin, let's step it up."

"Naw, man, I got a cold. That stuff knocks me out. Said it non-sleepy."

"Shit, what is that smell?"

"Naw, I'm making a picnic table at my place. Got all these crazy wood stains and glues in my garage. My ride probably smell like that."