January 23, 2006

Let Me Get Out The Copy Machine

Because it's the same God damned thing here too! Wolves go up 19. 19!? And Griff hit a three! It's like lightening striking. They're in control, they're on their way to an easy victory. Then Allen Iverson turns on the "I don't give a fuck show" and here come the Sixers. They score 7 straight, no adjustments are made, no substitutions are made, no time outs are called. Okay, so Casey's just gonna let the quarter ride out. I'm getting nervous, but he's the professional.

9-2 run to end the quarter, Wolves lead is cut to 12 - but they outscored the Sixers in the quarter. Now, if I'm the one on the bench, KG comes in at the start of the fourth to quell this little run by Philly. Dwayne sees it a different way and doesn't react to the surge until it's a 3 point game! WTF!? Make some adjustments, you're letting your team on the floor beat itself! You don't wait until the other team has come all the way back to make adjustments! You do it well before then to prevent the effort from snowballing! Casey did a shitty job coaching in the second half, KG did a shitty job of leading his team in the fourth quarter - DEMAND THE BALL FOR CHRIST SAKE!! Hassell was the only player doing anything productive. Marko had a great first half, then turned into a bullfighting blindman. Wally was transparent and Eddie Griff did his "I've got to leave at halftime so I can shoot at my new girlfriend" and disappeared after the first half.

This game was very similar to the Boston game a week ago. They were up, they looked like they were in control, and then the fourth quarter came and they were left with brown stains in their jocks and piss running down their legs. They were such a strong fourth quarter team for a couple years, it's hard to see them turning back into the team that I watched for the ten years prior to their success.

This team sucks. I can't stand it! McHale is a moron. It blows my mind, like a buddy of mine said, that he's mad about that game lastnight. How can you be mad Deadzo? It's your fault. You're the reason this team sucks. You're the man who put this squad together. Just face it; You can't build a team. You're a great basketball mind, but you're an awful GM. You and Isaiah Thomas are the two stupidest people in the NBA. I mean, Even Rob Babcock is outshining you at this point. Yeah, Rob Babcock. Toronto. Yeah, McFail is that bad. He's never been able to pick when he should shit or get off the pot. We've covered why I think he's a failure so I won't get into it now, but if he doesn't make a move before the deadline, Glen Taylor will have to decide whether to keep Deadzo around or try to lure fans back into the arena. If they don't make a change, more people will stop coming to the games.

I've bled blue and green since 1989 and I won't stop, ever, but watching what McHale is doing to this team is killing me. Watching KG get frustrated each and every night is hard, and the reason he's frustrated is because our GM isn't smart enough to make the deals that need to be made. I mean, this is the guy that wouldn't trade Googs for Eddie Jones and Elden Campbell because he claimed Elden's work ethic wasn't up to par. What!? Okay, so had the opportunity to get rid of an unhappy player, at his peak, for a top tear wing defender and a very good offensive option? Not to mention an average big man to fill the center spot? Elden Campbell would've been the best center to don a Wolves jersey ever! Yeah, he probably would've just edged out Randy Fucking Brewer. So they let Tom go. For nothing. Oh yeah, they he screwed up Terry Porter's deal and we lost him. Thank McHale, you're the best. Sure, he traded for Spree and Sam, but they weren't the great trades everyone gave McHale credit for - those deals fell into his lap. Milwaukee wanted badly to get rid of Cassell and New York really wanted Terrell's $11 million to come of the cap. He's awful, I hate him, and Glen needs to face the music and fire Kevin McHale - friend of his or not. While he's here, we will not succeed. As a matter of fact, any team that Kevin McHale is the GM for will never ever win any kind of championship. Yeah, and quote me on that. I'll eat those words if I have to.

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