January 3, 2006

Flaming Dazzlers And Dudes Named Dwayne

Dwayne Jones. He just got called up and he's gonna be flashing his T-Wolves colors soon. He's been in the DL - no, he's not hurt, he's been in the Ghetto League. Curious to see what he's been up to, I looked at his stats. Damn kid! I know it's the "I'm not good enough to play in the good league" but still.

In 10 games:

11.6rpg (2nd)
2.2bpg (1st)

So those are some pretty solid numbers. In those 10 games he's recorded 5 double-doubles, collected 11 rebounds in 12 minutes, two games with 4 blocks, and even had himself 18 and 21 rebound games. I know he's 22 and he's young and he's playing in the slow league, but still, I'm pretty sure those are better numbers than Kandi could put up against Jr Highschoolers.

Did I mention Kandi sucks?


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