January 22, 2006

The Straw

I can't type much right now because rage slows down my fingers.

I simply cannot believe how this team played when it mattered. The entire game, I thought they were in control, but I was a bit worried, because they've done this before (lead early, then give the game away). But when they went up by 19, that was it. They had it won.

Listening to Bill Walton talk about KG - saying "he'd rather (the world) belong to someone else" - how can I possibly argue with that? KG and the rest (Hassell excluded) played like absolute dog shit in the4th quarter. It was unbelievable. Once again, the team did nothing when they had to, they made no crucial stops, they made no tough baskets. They couldn't shoot a free throw, and their only baskets were because Philly let them into the lane.

It's retarded. I'm so angry right now, because this was the worst collapse of the season. And then, during the last few minutes, they started showing Deadzo. That did it for me. Deadzo, this is all your doing. They don't have a go-to scorer late in the game because you won't trade for one. They have a bunch of strong play-hard guys, but they don't have anyone clutch. KG can't do it. If they would have scored once, just once in those last moments, they would have easily won this game.

Christ, it's just unbelievable. The Nuggets get hot and beat the Spurs, and the Wolves blow a mammoth lead to the Seventy Goddamn Sixers. I have to go cool off.

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