January 5, 2006

This Ain't A Blast From The Past, It's A Boomer From The Future

1. Some day, you will die.
2. You have to pay your taxes
3. Eventually, you knew you were getting EPMD lyrics. Don't act surprised.

Closed circuit to the Dallas Mavericks:


KG drops crazy bombs and Terry looked like he was tying his shoes all night, because Marko TOOK HIS SMARTIES, YO! Eddie G pulled down 8 and only had one foul, unlike a certain idiot who also plays center for the Wolves (hint: not Mark Madsen). KG's defense was intense all the way through, in fact most everyone was cutting it up on D. I, like my cohort, love it when the Wolves hold a team to less than 80 points, especially when it's a big dog like Dallas.

The win is that and only that, a win. There is no reason to think this will catapult them into the upper echelon of western conference teams. But, as has been repeated many different times on this site, last season broke my ability to cheer for this team any longer than ONE GAME AT A TIME. And so that is the life we have chosen, so let's rejoice in it, eh? It was a great win last night, on a night when Vegas probably lost A LOT of money due to the long legged.... quarterback for the Horns, and we should examine it for what it was: a very quality win. And that's all. Now then, on Friday and Saturday, the Wolves are going to play basketball games that they are likely to lose. Badly. If they can come out of Texas (where it's possible that every single citizen is drunk right now, Vince UP!) with one win, just one, against either of these teams, it will be a great accomplishment.

But, not greater than any other win.

Ahhh, this feels good. I like doing this. I don't enjoy fretting over a whining, old, hurt, non-trying malcontent and a gangster who used to be good but is now no longer good at basketball but has spinning rims. I like enjoying each win, savoring it, and most importantly, perhaps the best thing about sports: I enjoy watching them play basketball.

Except when Kandi's on the court. Then I change the channel.

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