January 25, 2006

I Feel Good Today

I feel good because the Minnesota Timberwolves got handled by the Detroit Pistons. "Wait, what did you say Dave? You're happy the Wolves lost? But I thought you were a superfan?"

Oh, I am. Always will be, but there's somthing satisfying about watching Flip kick McHale in the teeth. He was greeted warmly by fans and by the players and then his team proceeded to dominate them. The Pistons played like a team possessed, especially in the second half. Flip was tossed out uncerimoniously and paid his employer back by putting a 24 point hurting on them. I feel bad for KG and Dwayne Casey, but other than that I'm happy the game went down as it did. The Wolves went into the locker room with a lead and some confidence, and then the Pistons went world champion on them and rode them like a crippled bull into the sunset. The Pistons first goal of the second half was to crush the souls of the players on the other team, and they did just that. They made almost 50% of their shots and made 12 threes - on 60% shooting. Sure, the Wolves shot more free throws, but when it was all said and done, the Pistons had turned the game into a team dunk contest.

I always hate watching my team lose because it hurts, but in this case, I was hoping it would be worse. Flip Saunders is the second best thing to happen to the Timberwolves in their history - the first is obvious. When he was kicked to the curb, I was upset because he's a great coach and none of the problems the Wolves had were his fault. He told McHale that when he was fired. But he never made any beef about how he was unfairly let go. Look where it got him. His team is sporting the best record in the league, on pace for 72 wins and they don't look like they're going to slow down. Flip was a nice guy and a consumate professional who will probably be wearing a new ring at season's end. Who says nice guys finish last? This one's head of the pack.


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