November 7, 2005

Yo Fuze, Rub The Record In...

A couple of overtime losses don't much matter at this point. I'm glad to see that the things we were concerned about still warrant concern (Bowl of Kandi is like a joke at this point. No seriously. He's a joke. Only it's not one of those "Did you ever notice..." jokes. It's the kind that ends with a sexual innuendo and you getting dragged to HR on a wednesday with the first question being "Do you know any lawyers?"), but there are some things that we just KNOW are going to be All Right (Kevin Garnett, lord, is he good at basketball). Everybody else seems to be filling in nicely. I'm up on Jaric and Grif (having himself some in the paint, bitch why?!?!?!). I'm a little down on McCants and Wally. But overall, it's a cruise, baby. And we're looking ok.

The thing is, Sam Cassell REALLY wanted to show you and everyone else in the world how enormous each of his balls were during the game on Saturday. Did you see that line? 5-19 from the floor! 44 minutes played and only 12 points! He did dish out 7 assists though. It was obvious that he really wanted to show his former team how heavy that sack is. Unfortunately, it didn't work out. But his team got the win, so in the end, I'm guessing his shorts were dragging on the hardwood. Seize the day, Sammy.

Whatever, I'm still glad he's gone because it looks like the team tries now. I never really grasped that before last year. As a fan, there is really nothing worse than cheering for a team that is not trying. And nobody can tell me that everyone on the Wolves was trying their hardest last year. Spree opened the season by spending a few thousand dollars at the post office, making sure he had enough stamps to MAIL IN EVERY GAME (note: Check and Mate!). Sam broke his back, his neck, his neck and his back. So when he was "full strength" - a relative term for Aliensaur - he wasn't trying because he didn't want to get hurt again. Hudson, jesus christ. If he's trying, I don't want to see what 'not trying' is. And Bowl of Kandi... I don't think I should type anything here. The bottom line is that there were three players who gave their best effort night in and night out, two of them (Madsen and Hoiberg) were hurt for substantial stretches of the season, and the third (God) had a hurt knee. Yet he still tried more than anyone else on the team. Strange.

I've never been exposed to it in sports before, and it felt strange. That feeling of "this team just doesn't give a shit". Because it was just obvious. And then Deadzo blamed Flip for it, which made it hurt more. Then newspapers and morons started saying that it was the "chemistry" of the team that was affecting their play. Nobody would come out and admit that SPREWELL WAS JUST PLAIN NOT TRYING. And if you think him not signing with a team yet this season doesn't have anything to do with a strong desire to just call it quits, you may be mistaken. I think he's had enough basketball for right now. I can't imagine he finds it very fun anymore. I mean, he hasn't even been trying out for teams. You think he cares anymore?

Anyway, back on point. I don't think there's anything worse than having a good team not care. The Twins didn't have success this year, but it wasn't because they stopped trying. The Wild can never be accused of not giving 100%. And even the Gophers, lame as they are, at least give effort. But the Wolves, last year, just didn't care, and that was awful. So I guess the point is: I don't care what this team does as far as wins and losses. I've been burned by a sports team, and it's time to heal. I don't care about playoffs, championships, MVPs or any of the rest. I care about watching the team go after loose balls, jump for rebounds, and pass the basketball to each other. I care about them being happy for one another and the coach supporting them and not walking around the sidelines like a 4 day old corpse. I care about them respecting KG and following his example.

I just want them to try. Let the playoffs wait.

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Dave Snizewski said...

I totally agree. They don't look as good as they did at times last year, but it's cool to see our point guard give a shit, and shit, to even HAVE a 2 is great. They look like it's fun. I mean, I think I saw someone besides Mad Dogg smile in the first Clips game. Although, it looked for a second that Sam and KG were gonna throw down, that is until they each realized who they were gettin' gangster with and hugged and stuff. Good, fun basketball is all I want and shit, playoffs? You talking about playoffs? Shiiiit, that'll just be gravy if the team does this all year.