November 3, 2005

The First Impressions

Marko Jaric - He looked pretty good. He kept the offense moving relatively well, even though they didn't score a whole lot. What stands out the most are his rebounds(6), steals(3), and assists(5). He scored 14 points as well, most of which came in the flow of the offense and on the break.

Richie Frahm - Welcome to the team bro. 5 of 6 from the land of 3's? Noice!! 18 points in 15 minutes is a rediculous average. Especially over 48 minutes (57.6ppg). Of couse no one expects Richie to do that on a nightly basis, but without Freddy, it sure is nice to get a guy who just makes shots. I have a sneaking suspicion that Fred put on a Richie mask and snuck into the game, no disrespect to Richie of course.

86 pts allowed, 7 steals, 8 blocks - Yeah! Defense! I know it was against the lowly Blazers, but I think this game is a sign of things to come.

Freethrows - Making them has never been a problem for this team. Shooting them has. Of course lastnight they were 10 of 18, which is awful. KG didn't get to the line once, but again, it's one game - the first game - so I expect the percentage to change, if not the number of FT's taken

Overall, I was happy with the way the boys played. I think this season will be trying early, what with all the new personalities on the team, but I think they'll get it. We all know Casey can coach, and so far, it seems like the team had more fun last night than all of last season, but we'll see. If they make the playoffs, I'll be happy. Anything past that is just gravy.

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