November 4, 2005

Speaking Of Bunnies...

The first week of the NBA season is coming to a close - actually since I don't work tomorrow, it's over as of yesterday. I'm going to try, every Friday, to put up my 'All Bunnies' team for the previous week. So, here it goes!

PG - Chris Duhon 1 G 18pts 10rebs 12asts
Hey C, how you recovering from that concussion? If that's how you respond to a shot to the head, then we should get out the baseball bat before the next game! Clearly the Bulls knew what they had when they resigned this young man. And to think he was a second round pick who had to fight his way onto the team in the first place. In the words of Stu Scott: "Boo Yah Kiiiid!"
Honorable mention: TJ Ford 2 G 18.5ppg 6.5rpgs 10apg

SG - Michael Redd 2 G 35.5ppg 5 of 10 3's
Damn son! There was a lot of talk about whether or not Mike was worth the max contract he recieved - atleast in my circle - but through two games he's showing why the Bucks paid the man so much money. 50% from both the field and from behind the line, Redd is looking like he's in midseason form already. Can he keep it up? We shall see.
Honorable metion: Kobe Bryant 2 G 36ppg 6rpg 4.5apg

SF - LeBron James 1 G 31pts 6 of 7 3's
If this is a sign of things to come then the East is in a lot of trouble. It's like he's making the adjustment MJ did many years into his career, except Bron is only in his third season. At the end of his rookie season he set out to improve his FG% and he did just that, increasing from 41.7% to 47.2% in one year. This offseason he spent his time working on the three-ball.
Honorable mention: Andrei Kirilenko 1 G 5asts 10rebs 6blks

PF - Pau Gasol 1 G 26pts 12rebs 4asts 3blks
He's healthy. He's hot. He's French - er Spanish. Pau has turned into Shareef Abdur-rahim. He always produces, but never has a break out season. This could be it. He'll get more touches in the offense and looks to be in better shape. And if his first game is any sign, Pau's gonna be handing out beatdowns around the league this year.
Honorable mention: Chris Webber 24ppg 11.5rpg 3apg

C - Andrew Bogut 2 G 11.5ppg 13rpg 1.5bpg
We all know he can't see good, but so far the rook's got an eye for the ball. I don't expect him to keep this up because I'm a Bogut hater, but he's had a hell of a start to his career. Of course so did Willie Burton, but that's not really fair. Good first week for the Aussie.
Honorable mention: Mehmet Okur 1 G 27pts 8rebs 2blks 2 3's

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