November 9, 2005

If You're Talkin Bout Drinkin, Here's a Suggestion, People Listen Up, Here's a Question... Do You Drink Crown Royal?

An assortment of quotes from Kevin Garnett found in the Star Tribune article here:

"I've been handling that for quite some time," he said the other day. "[Owner Glen Taylor] and Kevin [McHale] have to make some decisions on what they're going to do with this team and if they really want to win. I feel like we need a couple of guys who not only can draw defenses but make everybody else better. And that's out of my hands.

"You can talk to Glen until you're blue in the face, but at the end of the day, I think he trusts Kev. That's the thing you take when you make sacrifices. The organization wants to do one thing, and as a player you expect another thing. When they don't match up, sometimes you have problems.

"So I tend to do the things that I'm focused on, and right now that's just leading this team, leading these guys. If Glen and Kevin decide they don't want to bring anybody else in here or go in a different direction from bringing in the most talent to make the team better, decisions will have to be made.

"I'm trying to win. I'm not trying to restart, I'm not trying to revamp. To play to win is now. Not tomorrow."


There was a man in a restaurant who told Garnett, "Man, I hope you don't have to go anywhere, but if you do, I understand."

Said Garnett: "It's kind of weird to hear that. If anybody, I guess Glen and Mac need to hear that.

"But I'm here, man. I intend to work and perform as long as I'm here. I'm like P. Diddy, this is my city. I take a lot of pride in adopting Minnesota. I take a lot of pride. These are my soldiers. These are my people. ...

"I'm not Jimmy Jam. I'm Kevin Garnett. 'Ticket.' There's only one of him."

Ok, if this was anyone else, I'd be worried. It certainly does sound like he's nearing the end of his proverbial rope on the whole "rebuilding" thing. I can't say I blame him. I think the 'man in a restaurant' above pretty much sums up all of our feelings about KG. Namely, it would completely suck to ever lose him, but we would understand, and would love nothing more than to see him have some team success.

In fact, I think I would even go a step further. If Deadzo ever let this man (sometimes, you have to stretch the definition of 'man', where really, "savior and lord" is more apt) walk away from this team, I would immediately become a fan of whatever franchise KG went to, at least until he retired. I'm serious. Could you imagine Wolves basketball without KG? It's impossible for me. I know that eventually he'll retire (and God is going to need someone to play the 4 someday too...) and that's ok. But if he's still playing, I'd rather see him have success than the Wolves. He's given us so much. He's the greatest athlete in Minnesota sports history. I don't even think there's an argument to be made, but I'm sure people will chirp about Carter, Kirby, Mikan, Killer and the others, and I just don't buy it. KG is the best. It's almost like an afterthought when you say it, but you can't say it enough. KG is the best. He's the most consistent performer in the NBA, and he makes basketball really fun to watch in Minnesota. Part of the reason I follow basketball like I do now is because of him. He shaped me (and thousands of others) as a fan, and we honestly can't praise him enough.

But yes, if he decided to jump ship, I'd be torn up, angry, and probably end up sweeping up little pieces of TV screen glass. But I'd wish him all the best, and would be ecstatic to cheer for his new team. Yes, even if it was the Lakers. Or the Nuggets. Or, god forbid, the Knicks.

Because the truth is simple: I'd rather see KG win a championship than a Wolves team without him.

Of course, time would heal all wounds. And eventually, the Wolves would find their new star. And we'd be happy, and ringing a stuffed animal in the dead of winter because the latest incarnation of Fred Hoiberg just sank ANOTHER three pointer, bitch what!!! Can't stop the rain, baller!

Anyway, like I said at the beginning though, I'm not worried. KG once said he "bleeds blue and green". This is his team, his city, his state. He knows it. He's probably the most unselfish man (there's that inadequate word again) in the NBA today. Not only on the court, but off it as well. He will do whatever it takes to win, and it doesn't matter who is on the floor with him. Glen, Deadzo, and every other Wolves fan knows this.

Just get the man some help... soon.

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Dave Snizewski said...

The problem with the whole thing is that I think Deadzo and Glen aren't worried to hear that either. I think they may have been the first time around, but now they know KG loves wearing blue and green.