November 17, 2005

Time For Carrots Again?

So today I leave for Arizona and will not have access to the internet, so once again, you're getting your Bunnies a little early, but really, I don't think one day is going to make a difference this week....

PG - Chauncy Billups 3 G 24.3ppg 10.3apg 48.9%Fgs
Wow. So Chauncy woke up and look what he's doing for Flip. You think Flip missed him after Minnesota didn't want to pay him? His numbers this week are Tim Hardaway-esq, except for the shooting, which has been blistering. He had three double-doubles this week, but what stood out in his gaudy numbers were his lack of turnovers. He had 31 assists compared to 5 turnovers this week. The Pistons keep winning and he's been a huge contributor for them. GIT SOME KIIID!!!
Honorable mention: Gilbert Arenas 3G 31ppg 7apg 56.6%Fgs

SG - Allen Iverson 4 G 34.5ppg 8.8apg 3.3spg 49.5%Fgs
I know, I know, he's techincally playing the point, but seriously, did you see him this week? The Sixers have won 6 in a row and, as always, he's the engine that makes their team go. We all know he can score - his worst output of the week was 28 points, but he had back-to-back double-doubles showing that he indeed can play the point.
Honorable mention: Larry Hughes 3 G 18.3ppg 5.7rpg 6.7apg 2.3spg

SF - Rashard Lewis 4G 27.3ppg 6.5rpg
After a relatively slow start to the year, Rashard has finally woken up to help Ray-Ray get the Sonics going. In the game against the Raptors Lewis blew up and dropped 41 points. He was 12 of 20 from the floor, but what really made the deal was his freethrows. Rashard was 14 of 16 from the charity stripe, leaving the Raps in serious foul trouble for much of the game, all while he was getting free bunnies on the line. The boxscore of the week for him though was two nights later in Boston: 22pts, 8rebs, 6asts, 5 stls
Honorable mention: Ron Artest 3G 27ppg 6rpg 3apg 3spg

PF - Dwight Howard 2G 21ppg 18rpg 66.7%Fgs
He only played two games this week, but they were both monsters, including a 21pt/20reb night. This young man has been under the radar since he was drafted. He quietly does everything the Magic need from a forward. He started a little slow this season, but he's picked it up and is performing like a college sophomore should - oh, wait...
Honorable mention: Rasheed Wallace 3G 16.3ppg 9rpg 3.3spg

C - Marcus Camby 4G 16ppg 15.8rpg 3.5bpg
Repeats are not my favorite but I tried to give this out to someone else and there just wasn't another center this week that out performed this man. He played like a monster again, recording 3 double-doubles(the 4th was 11pt 9reb) grabbing 22 rebounds over KG's head. He's the anchor of Denver's defense and he's becoming an even more solid contributor on the offensive end.
Honorable mention: Raef LaFrentz 4G 15.5ppg 6.8rpg scored a career high 32pts Houston

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Drew Boatman said...

Yeah, so Chauncey. Wow indeed. In fact, that whole damn team.

If they continue doing what they are doing - kicking ass and filing names - they will begin to create a debate over just how effective Larry Brown's style is over a length of more than a few years. Basically, I'm of the opinion that Brown does a phenomenal job molding teams in his style, getting them to contribute to his philosophy, and generally creating a sense of team and above all, winning. But, once he leaves, it's interesting to watch the teams he re-made. Flip is as good as anyone to step in and take that team over (I would say Flip is among the top "not Phil Jackson or Larry Brown" coaches in the NBA), and as you said, now he's throwing a slightly different style at them. It's basically a perfect situation: here's a team that was tempered in the flames of defense defense defense, and now Flip can come in and show them how to score as well. BUT, can the defensive effort stay when it's not being stressed as being as big of a reason to their success? For example, now that Detroit is winning, and it's not just because of their defense and unselfish play, will that be enough to take the long road to another championship?

It's shit like this that makes me love the NBA.