February 2, 2006

Yeah, So Detroit...

I know Casey didn't want to use this game as a measuring stick, but if we were to, all we'd be measuring is how fucking great the Detroit Pistons are. They're amazing. The Wolves are still trying to put all the pieces together, so I don't really take that ass whooping to heart, but still, it wasn't pretty. Of course, as I am always doing, there are good things to take away from this game.

Chauncey Billups - Hey, he didn't score 18 points in the third to bury us. He scored half that in the whole game. Hassel spent most of the night guarding him and it was effective. He had 7 assists and no turnovers, but he was 3-10 from the floor. They didn't really need him last night, but he didn't light us up.

Trenton Hassell - He scored as many points as KG, on better shooting. I really like the new T-Hass. He's really been playing aggressively on both sides of the floor and has been looking for his shot. People are always talking about a third scorer, but if you can add his increased contribution to the other new guys, then the third scorer talk should stop.

No Dunk Contest - Unlike the last game, in which it was the Detroit bench dunk contest, the Wolves were the ones running at the end of the night. Sure, it was embarassing, but not that embarassing.

Fourth Quarter - We finally outscored someone besides the Boston Celtics. Sure, it wasn't by much, but hey, beggers can't be choosers. The fourth quarters this season have been our worst, which is weird because we started so strong in that department. I know, it was against the Pistons 7th grade team, but still.

Yeah, there wasn't really much to look at in this game, at least on our team. Of course watching Ben Wallace control the game was pretty amazing. I don't watch the Pistons very much, so I had forgotten exactly how great an athelete he is. About the only blemish on his night were the two air-balled free throws. Of course, when you've collected 17 rebounds and 4 steals, while out blocking the other team, you can get away with that.

In short, the Wolves, a work in progress, came into a hostile enviroment and got beat down by the best team in basketball. I thought that it might be a little closer than it was, but hey, I picked the Wolves to win a championship last year, so we know how accurate I can be. I'm not alarmed by the loss, even though it stings a little, and I look forward to seeing this team once all the clocks are set to the right time.

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