February 25, 2006

All This...and World War II

Yeah, take a look at that summary on iMDB sometime. An entire film of World War II footage with people covering the Beatles as sound. That's it. People out here went to that premiere and it was...well, who remembers it? Way too many pills since then. Ask someone about it, and they get nervous and struggle to remember.

And after five losses with uninspired play, I was nervous going in to last night's Lakers game. The scrubs on the Lakers who realized they weren't getting traded after all had stepped it up of late. And for the first half, despite the lead, there was still little to make me think otherwise that the Clips would fade again. Hulk Hogan injured, out. Maghetto sitting on the bench. And then, what had to happen did.

There was a moment at the turn of the year, where Cassell was running his mouth about how he motivates, blah blah. But thankfully, Elton Brand decided to show him a sack of nats that were indeed larger than Sam's. And there's only so much motivation you can do when you can hit a fucking shot. This team is carried by Brand. He stepped up the energy and just took it right in the mouth of the Faker D. And the only response was shoulder-tackling Sam to the ground.

All this with the injuries. I mean, is Rad Man the answer to fill in for Ross? Maybe, if he can keep up with the outside shooting. But then, in my moments of joy, there was a man on my screen that made it all come crashing down. It was Vin Baker. He was hungover. Lifeless. Yutzburger talked about how he's "fought the demons." Guys, if he shows up on the court, HE IS THE DEMON. He is the man who, more than injury, could sink this sailin' Clip right into the ocean. If the Clips have to turn to him for ANYTHING, it's over. It's just over. And it's the Sterling Silver in the crown of ineptness if it goes through.

Shit, the Georgia State game is on...enough of my yappin.

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