February 16, 2006

Sid Hartman Is Stoned

Yeah, you heard me.


Okay, now don't get me wrong, I'd love to have Steph running the point for the Wolves again. Of course that would be assuming his head was smaller now, which it's not, and he would be willing to play within the system, which he probably wouldn't. So basically, that counts me out of Stephon coming here. Not to mention that he's said he would not want to play here again. Sure, he's said he would love to play with KG again, but clearly said NOT HERE. Starbury is a very talented player but what the casual basketball fan probably won't notice is that he hasn't won. Anywhere. Since leaving Minnesota he's been to the playoffs once. One time a team he was on was good enough to make it to the post season. That's not a very good track record. He's right there with Shareef Abdur-rahim in terms of team success.

I think Sid's a little too old to be giving his opinion on anything other than adult diapers, but of course, he's entertaining because of it.

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