February 22, 2006

$30 Million Backcourt


Isaiah, are you sure you and Larry are on the same page? Cuz Francis? A "Larry Brown" guy? I think not. He's an Isaiah guy. He's selfish, talented, and a loser. He cried when he and Mobley got traded to Orlando, cried harder when Mobley got moved to the Kings, and has been sobbing uncontrollably since the trade rumors began about a month ago. How in God's name is he going to handle the New York media? I can't even talk about how stupid this is for the Knicks, so I'm going to switch sides and talk about this trade for Orlando

This, I believe, is a great trade for Orlando. They're going to suffer through the rest of this season, but they'll have nearly $16 million come off the cap next season and they got a young small forward who's shown some potential. The rid themselves of the cancer that was Steve Francis and now have money, picks, and parts to continue to get their ship back up and running. They're committed to building around Dwight Howard and I can't say enough about how smart that is. I watched All Star weekend and they interviewed him on a coupld of occasions and I really think that kid is special. We all know he's good at throwing rocks around, but he also strikes me as a well balanced and intelligent individual. Kelvin Kato's contract to Detroit for Carlos Arroyo and Darko Milicic was a great trade too. Carlos is a bit of a malcontent, but he's still young and talented and will, if nothing else, push Jameer Nelson to be a better player. Darko is a bit of a gamble because no one knows what he's going to turn into, but he's an inexpensive gamble to take, with $4 million and a year left.

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