February 13, 2006

This Is My Second Day, I Got A Ten Year Stay. I Learned My First Lesson - In The Pen You Don't Play

Does anybody else feel like they are in prison?

It might be a better idea to change this thing to a food blog. At least that way, I could talk about Spanish wines and delicious curry dishes and avocado spring rolls, and not about the terrible terrible basketball team that plays downtown across from Block E.

No, no. That's not fair. It's just that I can't figure this out. I don't understand how they can be so bad. They aren't doing anything terrible in these games.... they just aren't winning. The biggest thing I see is a lack of consistency on the floor: no consistent shooting, no consistent penetration, no consistent defense, no consistent play-calling. Nothing. They do well in stretches, but they never maintain it.

And I don't even want to talk about that. Let's talk about the Gophers or something.

Oh, right. Well, two big wins over ranked teams doesn't pay the bills in March, jankos. Guess what? Iowa and Michigan have something to say to you, and it is "Life is hard".

So then, there's other things happening out there, right? We're not trapped by this team. The NBA is going off this year, and it's fun to follow.

First, Detroit and Miami went out there and banged around, but Dwyane Wade HAD SOMETHING TO SAY TO CHAUNCEY!!!! 17 STRAIGHT POINTS?!?!?! Back down, back down Detroit.

Miami has been hearing all year that they are pretenders in the East. And you know what, nothing can change Detroit being the hands-down favorite out there. But Miami can do something. They have Wade, and he changes games. This is not a prediction that they will contend for the title. But be aware. At any given time, that young man can start lowering booms and running through underbrush, so watch yourself.

In other news, New York is just absolutely terrible. I never thought watching New York basketball could be worse than watching them in 1995.... god did they muck the game up. However, compared to now, that was a ballet. There is not one player on the Knicks whose game I enjoy watching. You know how even though there are teams you hate (Denver), there are still guys who play the game right and are fun to watch (Andre Miller)? Well, not on New York. They're terrible and will continue to be terrible. Hell, even Toronto has a few dunkers. New York is just painful to watch.

March Madness looms on the dusty horizon, and it's going to be a hell of a ride. I'm seeing huge things this year, but I maintain that I have yet to see anything to sway me from the idea that Duke is the favorite. If I'm putting money down, I'm going with them for sure. I think Reddick and Shelden will be virtually unstoppable in crunch time. Of course, there will be monumental collapses too. Hey Cowboys, your coach get all ripped and bank it into another car, errrrrrrrrr? Hey Vols, you guys get some big wins and then flame out in the tourney, errrrrrrrrr?

Just remember, the payment always comes due, and your feet always grow bigger than the glass slipper.

So drink Guinness and try to forget that you are another year older. We never age in this world, because we're trapped. We make trades to acquire Team Ghetto, and then lose 3 straight home games. Oh well, pitchers and catchers report later this week.

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