July 2, 2010

Thank You Memphis

Thank you for not allowing us to over pay for Rudy Gay.  By putting $82 million, 5-year contract in his hands, you've saved us from doing something similar. 

I like Rudy Gay, I think he's a fine young player, but he's not a max contract player.  20 points 6 rebounds isn't worth $16 million a year when that's all there is.  He's Rashard Lewis without the three-ball threat.

Speaking of Rashard Lewis...

I was looking at NBA salaries today and noticed that Mr. Lewis is the second highest paid player in the NBA this year.  He's making $20.5 million and coming off a season in which he scored 14.4 points per game. I mean, that's more than KG scored but he's only making $18.8 million this year.

Big Al's $13 million is looking pretty reasonable right now.

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Dickfer said...

I am keeping my hopes up Kahn! can come through.