July 14, 2010

So Long, Al

As the final cog from the KG trade has been jettisoned from the machine that is our Wolves, I got to thinking about what we've done with all the other pieces that were - at one time, anyway - supposed to be the building blocks with which we were to rebuild our franchise.

There are a lot of laughs in there.  Prepare thyself.

Just to refresh our memories, here's the original deal:

Ryan Gomes, Gerald Green, Al Jefferson, Theo Ratliff, Sebastian Telfair, Our 2009 first round pick (Jonny Flynn), Boston's 2009 first round pick (Wayne Ellington).

That was it. Sad to remember, but less painful now.

  • Ryan Gomes was traded to Portland for Martell Webster
  • Gerald Green was traded to Houston for Kirk Snyder and their 2010 2nd round pick (Paulo Prestes)
  • Al Jefferson was traded to Utah for Kosta Koufos and two first round draft picks(details yet to be fully discovered)
  • Theo Ratliff was waived
  • Sebastian Telfair was traded in a package for Quentin Richardson
  • Kirk Snyder left fia free agency
  • Quentin Richardson was traded to Miami for Mark Blount - AH HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!
  • Mark Blount was released

So, in the end, we turned the best player in franchise history into the following:

Martell Webster
Jonny Flynn
Wayne Ellington
Paulo Prestes (draft rights)
Kosta Koufos
Two future first-round picks

It's not getting any better, although my favorite transaction was the Q for Blount deal - since we'd tricked Miami into that one the year before.  I guess we really "missed" his "presence" or something.  On that note, he's not the only guy we've traded for after they'd already played for us.  Dean Garrett and Darrick Martin also hold that distinction. 

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Dickfer said...

You can't put a final stamp on the KG trade if we keep getting picks. Sid will be sure to remind you of that.