July 27, 2010

Counterpoint: I am OK with the Heat winning it all

I am not going to "follow" them this year. I am not "cheering" for them this year. I am simply OK with them winning it all. This is because I only see the NBA as a business of betting overs. Oh sure, I follow the Wolves, hope they do the correct thing. KG has a ring so who cares. I follow enough to stay informed.

How many times have you seen a star athlete towards the end of his career jump the team he has played for forever just for that shot at a ring with a "good" team? Enough times for me. Why did he jump for a "good" team? Because he couldn't win it on his own. There. None of these three players we going to do anything if things stayed the way they were. I don't buy the giving up money for winning argument since, if they win it all, they will make it up in endorsements. They want to win, though. Good for them. Does Lebron have a huge ego? Yes. Is Bosh insanely lucky? Yes. Good for Dwayne Wade.

Would we be mad if they played for the Wolves, or the Clippers!, instead of the Heat? No, we would be fine. I am guessing more than the lower bowl of Target Center would be filled and we would tell everyone to kiss it.

This is the way I see it. I am just a NBA fan on the surface, remember.

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