July 8, 2010

Free Agency and the Summer League

This time of the year is to non-NBA fans what most of the off-season is for non-NFL fans.  It's annoying, stupid, boring, and it takes up all the sports news. 

Being a die-hard NBA fan, I feel slightly different about this time of year in the NBA. Key word being slightly.

This year thus far has been especially difficult due to the circus that surrounds LeBron James and his NBA crown.  There is no need for him to be announcing his decision on national television. That's for things like Magic announcing he was HIV positive, not where Free Agent X will be signing. This sort of attention-whoring makes me like LeBron less.  He's not Brett Favre yet, but he's close to Roger Clemens and Curt Schilling territory. This whole thing is tarnishing his crown.  Soon, his NBA Gold will tarnish and he'll simply be LeBronze.

Summer League Notes

I was checking out some of the box scores of the Vegas Summer League to see how some of the rooks were performing and I came across a few things of note.

Doodi Ebi is back in the NBA where he belongs: three DNP-CDs in three games.  He rides pine with the best of them.

Lance Stephenson - aka "Born Ready" - is making a solid showing thus far.  He's averaging 18 points on 75% shooting - only taking 9 shots per game. I'm not saying that's going to translate to the NBA, but it's a good start for a kid with a lot of question marks.

This isn't so much from the Summer League, but I noticed it on the web page....

I know Wes Johnson got a lot of flak for his draft night outfit, but Cole's "ensemble" is definitely in the same league of ugliness.  Although he has an excuse.  He's from Minnesota.

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Dickfer said...

That's the look. I think everyone from MN should go lumberjack during draft night.