May 20, 2008


I don't need to go into exact reasons as to why it makes perfect sense for the Failure Wolves to draft Failure Mayo, and so luckily, McFail is already wayyyyyyy ahead of me.

Oh please take Mayo and some European in the second round. Please cock this franchise up more. Please ride yourself out of town on that rail of incompetence you rode in on.

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Dickfer said...

We will get Mayo if we are lucky. McFail will probably take the best big sized white guy.

"He reminds me of me. We need more players like me."

Great. Stanford, that is by New Mexico, correct. Longley country? Can't. Wait.

Now, if we trade down a few spots with some other franchise that is MUCH dumber than we are and get a pick or two AND Lopez . . . can't complain too much.

The "bar" isn't too high in my world right now.