October 26, 2005

Steve Kerr Is Stupid

I read a lot of sports related articles, especially when they involve basketball and the NBA. Sportsline, ESPN, HoopsHype, USAToday, you name it I've probably been there. I also enjoy the Fantasy NBA games as well, primarily Yahoo!, because it's easy and free. I also use Yahoo! as a sports resource (shit I'm there checking the waiver wire all the damn time anyways), so I usually read through all the NBA news when I'm there. Most of the writers for Yahoo! are okay, not great by any means, but there aren't many that are downright awful. And when I say awful, I mean 'I have really low standards so when it's awful, it's really really awful.' There's one that's beginning to edge that way though - or rather I'm starting to think is awful. It's Steve Kerr. Have you spent any time reading his columns? No? You should, then you'll know what I mean when I say 'Steve Kerr is stupid.' Do you watch soap operas? Lifetime? Wrestling? No? Why? I know why I don't watch them. I hate the over-the-top dramatics of it all. The situations that are portrayed in them are so over blown they become rediculous. 'I mean Sara's ex boyfriend is sleeping with her step mom's sister, who's also sleeping with Clara's dad, and they had a baby! Oh yeah, and they're stuck on an island.' Imagine this line except involving sports and you've got the makings of a great Steve Kerr column. His articles are always neck deep in the stupid drama of the NBA. It's like he's trying to find a compelling story, or rather forcing one to be compelling. KG in Minnesota, Eddie Curry's heart, Kwame/Kobe/Phil are the things he spends most of his time on.

'Time's ticking on KG.'
Really Steve? Hold on, let me ask my 5 yr old nephew about that. Hmmm, yep, he already knew that. He tries to build up this drama and then beats it into the ground, after every other media source has put it to rest.

'Isaiah will be in trouble if Curry can't play.'
No shit!? Man, I thought that it would be awesome for the Knicks to give 60 mil to a guy that can't even play! I figured that would really help Isaiah's career.

'Are Kwame/Kobe/Phil gonna help the Lakers win or sink?'
Wow. Geeze. Really? Steve, did you think that no one reading an NBA column didn't have that thought go through their head the second that circus started? I mean, it was a real informative article, with things like 'he's got a second chance to reinvent his career now that he's in Los Angeles, but did I mention he has to do it the lights of Hollywood?' So, wait, what is it that you're saying ?

Shut up Steve, just shut up.

Why can't we read what you know about the game of basketball? You were a smart player, who played with great players, on great teams. Why can't we hear about that? Why can't you compare what you know about Michael Jordan to some other player? I realize that this has also been overdone, but not by you. Not by someone who played with him. Tell me about the differences between MJ and Duncan. How similar are they? No, I don't mean the stuff we, the fans, can see. Tell me about locker room presence, their will to win. Tell us how fun it was to make three pointers to win championships. Tell us what it was like to play defense in the playoffs. Tell us about your experiences in the NBA. Hell, you could even relate them to the game today. If you did that then your column would have an identity instead of being the same as every other sports column that sucks. You were fun to watch play and I enjoy your in-game commentary because it's clear that you understand the game of basketball, but your column is awful and I wish you'd either stop writing it, or take my advice!

Note: I know that it's my fault for reading his column, therefore it's my fault I'm upset enough to write this blog, but somebody has to hear about it. I also realize that most should already know that Steve Kerr is stupid, but I feel it needed to be discussed again. Just incase you hadn't been reading his foder lately, I wanted you to know that it still sucks.

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Johnson said...

I completely agree with your statement that Steve Kerr is stupid. I noticed this same thing about a week or two ago when I was reading what he said in regards to KG. What an ass.

Also, at the end of your comment you spelled FODDER wrong. It has 2 D's. Like Double D's. YEEEAAH!!(Lil' Jon)