October 12, 2005

That Seems About Right

You can get a peek at the Wolves' new advertising campaign for this season by visiting this site.

The footage is exclusively KG. He's jogging along an empty beach in the first ad, and working out/blocking shots/getting ghetto/stuffing faces in the second one.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they don't try to sell this upcoming season by putting Wally, Troy, Eddie, Mad Dog, Rashad (jeez, this list can be depressing) and Ebi in the ad campaign. The team is about KG and KG alone. It's just sad that Deadzo couldn't get KG any help. Hell, middle of last season, I guarantee someone would've traded a first round pick for Spree. He was a hot commodity. Too bad we would've needed an animate, breathing GM to make that trade.

Oh well. It's pretty cool to watch God running on a beach at sun-up in Malibu.

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Anonymous said...

i was searching for e-mails for you or jake, but i couldn't find an e-mail address. don't suppose you can post it a comment here?