November 15, 2010

I Appreciate a Good Clown

What happens when Kevin Love and Wes Johnson can't connect on a simple handshake?


I know it's only one small event (and a super corny one at that), but I think we can all agree that this is something that would've NEVER happened under the old regime. Could you see McHale doing this? I mean, we all thought his Frankenstein impersonations were funny, but I don't think he really meant to be funny.  Stupid corpse. 

Glen and the boys have been losing money and now it seems that they're trying a new approach to marketing this team:  Keep it light and fun. Just like a certain baseball team did a few years ago. 

I'm not ready to say they're there yet, but this is a nice little preview of what could be, as far as an attitude shift in our NBA franchise's front office.

Plus, it helps that the basketball seems to be a bit better. Or at least more fun to watch.

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Dickfer said...

OK, that was good