May 11, 2010

Now McFail WANTS To Coach?

Does anyone else think it's weird that Kevin McHale is actually expressing interest in coaching? I mean, he spent most of his final three years in Minnesota talking about how he didn't want to coach - even when he was having some moderate success. He complained about the travel and the long hours. He even flat out said he had no desire to coach, but was simply doing the owner a favor.

But now he wants to coach?

If he hadn't been so adamant about not wanting to coach, I could see why he'd be interested in the Chicago job. He spent some time as a VP trying to get Kirk Hinrich to Minnesota. Noah and Gibson are raw bigs that could learn a few things from McHale. And really, who wouldn't love to coach Derrick Rose?

But he was so against wanting to coach - well, at least up until the Wolves fired him. Then he was interested. Seems like maybe he's not so much interested in dancing, but wants to go to the ball badly enough to pretend?

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Dickfer said...

Has the Nets job been filled? Even McFail might turn that down.