May 18, 2010

The 2010 NBA Draft - Lady Wins Bingo

Was that not the most awkward, funny, and awesomest (it's a word) draft ever? Please watch the whole thing if you can find it. You have Granger for the Pacers pissing off whatever pick they get because he is not Wall, you have ESPN saying the widow's last name was "Poland", you have the Nets owner who wants to takeover China and the world with the Nets. Oh, and Kahn! gets asked a question and he just simply explains he understands how to be a GM. Aaron Brooks . . . nice glasses. Tyreke Evans, are you happy with the selection? Seriously, when the Wizards won, the only thing I could think of is a scene from Swingers. The blackjack scene where she gets 21 and gets comped breakfast or something. Everyone claps. Some hotel like Gold Spike or Lady Luck (if it still was functional).

Who are the other players in this draft (besides Udoh, of course)? If McFail is picking, we are taking Cole Aldrich . . . easy. And that might be a good pick, I am just saying what McFail would do. You know Kahn! is trading down. In fact, I say we lock up every 1st round pick in a draft so we ensure we get the 1st overall. 2039, here we come. The rebuilding ends that year. I can wait.

Kahn! will trade down and get: a hot dog, a hamburger, milkshake, potato chips, Atari 2600, bag of basketballs, Pop Hits 2002 Volume 1, weber grill, half a cow, some basketball player, daily card from the U, chain link net, new pair of Chuck Taylors, dorm fridge, rotary phone, front row courtside seats . . . for Sioux Falls, . . . sweet jesus will this be great.

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