May 27, 2010

Eastern Conference Finals

Is it just me or are the Eastern Conference Finals this year a complete pile of moose dung? Seriously. I mean, I think I want the Celtics to win, but Doc Rivers is the worst coach in the NBA and KG is getting old and bitchy.  Orlando is the biggest group of whiners this side of Phil Jackson talking about the Antawn Jamison trade. I'm pretty sure that Dwight Howard was possessed by the ghost of Sam Cassell after their first round series - ask him, he never comitted one foul.  SVG sure likes to talk about the officiating too.  It's like reading about Shaq and his troubles with the refs 15 years ago - I guess Dwight just follows in all of his footsteps?

When Boston put a beat down on the Magic in game three I was happy.  Not because I really want the C's to win, but that I was glad the series was almost over.  Of course SVG did his best Ron Jeremy impression to get his boys up for game 3, which of course got the media all boner-rific for the Magic. Great. This series just got more annoying.  Then the C's made pee pee in thier shorts in game four, further extending the stupidness that is this series.  I mean, it's like watching Patrick Ewing's Knicks against The Mailman's Utah Jazz - there are few things I hated more passionately than those two things. I just want to punch myself in the face.

I guess I want the Celtics to win, but it's not because I want them to play in the Finals.  It's because I don't want to see a rematch of last years NBA Finals. 

But Dave, how can you be so sure the Lakers are going to win!?

That's a fair question. And I'm not sure the Lakers will take care of the Suns - I would bet they will, but I'm not willing to put much money where my mouth is.

But frankly, I wouldn't want to see a Suns-Magic series either. Or a Suns-Celtics series.

I'm only mildly interested in a Lakers-Celtics series and that's mostly because of the historical significance of that match up, not so much because I like either of those teams this year.

(sigh) The Eastern Conference is stupid. Just like football.

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Dickfer said...

Conference Finals need to last longer . . . for the money.