June 23, 2009

Wow. Start With a Bang Much?

There's too much to think about right now to do this post any justice at all - so I'll have to revisit this, possibly after Thursday, since it's draft day.

This deal tells me a few things.

One, there's no way he's done. No way. What the hell are we going to do with 4 first round picks - two of them back-to-back? Nope, no way this isn't the last deal. Moving up to take Rubio? Making a move to get a player like Stoudemire? (God I hope not!)

Two, I don't think they'll draft Thabeet. Well, let me rephrase. They won't be trading up to take him, but would probably still take him if he fell to 5 or 6. Etan Thomas, when healthy, is a serviceable big guy who can do the one thing no one on the Timberwolves can do. He can play defense, specifically, body someone up in the post. I know, I'm getting ahead of myself, but, he IS in a contract year, so hopefully he'll bring some energy to the floor with him and give the Wolves a defensive presence in the middle.

Three, they'll be drafting a G for sure with one of those two picks, if not both. If they can't manufacture some way to get Rubio, then I pray to God we get a shot at Tyreke Evans and/or James Harden. If we got both? I'll crap. All over myself. Hey opposing backcourts, good luck staying infront of anyone! Oh, but you'll get yours on the other end, so no worries for you.

I also think that Kevin Love may not be a member of our basketball team much longer. There was a rumor that we were going to trade him to Memphis for their pick, but that's not going anywhere - why would Memphis do that? But what if we were to package Love with the #5 pick for the #2 pick? The we take Rubio there, and possibly Evans or even Stephen Curry at 6? I just peed my pants a little bit thinking about a Rubio/Evans backcourt.

Don't get me wrong though, I really like Kevin Love. I think that trade (OJ Mayo for Love, et all), if he remains in a Wolves uniform for the majority of his career, will go down as McHale's second best move. Well, third best. "Leaving" us will go down as his best move, by far.

I have to say, I like the move on first looksee. I like the players we're losing, but realistically they weren't going to be taking us anywhere in the next few years, so why not roll the dice to possibly get a kid who could?

More on this later. God the draft, seriously, this is getting exciting again.


Dickfer said...

I like Love, too. He might have come out of college a little early. It looks like he put up decent numbers for someone who should have been a soph. Eh, what do I know. I hardly watched a game last year.

Drew Boatman said...

I am excited as well. The possibility of getting Rubio makes me go bathroom. Kahn will swing another deal, and I'm happy.

I plan on breaking down his past and philosophy once this draft settles, but let's just say this: for the first time in franchise history, here's a guy who UNDERSTANDS WHAT NBA TEAMS NEED. He looks at a roster and says "You need pieces A, B, C, etc." and then fills them in. Clinical and intelligent. I approve.